Una pluma de pluma

It was transfer day for Hermana Keeler and she is being sent to Vergel, an area of Merida.  So she’s a city girl now!  But she described it as the nice part of the crappy part of Merida.  I’m thinking her letters may not feature animals quite as prominently which actually makes me sad!  She is with a companion that speaks only Spanish, so it will be all Spanish all the time.  We are thinking the language will definitely improve for her.  I guess we will have to wait for more details next week.  She will definitely be missed in Oxkutzcab though she made so many great friends there!  Enjoy this last letter from Ox complete with animal shenanigans

So a few funny things happened this week.  Saturday we found a puppy outside our house.  We were about to go eat lunch with the Branch President’s family and so I flagged down a moto taxi (because they live really far away) and I got in and then Hermana Romero gets in with the puppy!  I was like, “what the heck are we going to do with the puppy?”  And she said, “I don’t know, give it to Familia Villareal?”  And so we went and brought them a puppy and they were like “yeah, we want it!” haha!  I was so certain they were going to say “why did you bring us a puppy?”  But no!  So now they have a new pet!  She really is cute though, she would be pretty hard to turn down.  We named her Boo.

We found an incredible thrift store with clothes from JCrew, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters!  I got a dress and a shirt for 160 pesos (like 10 bucks).  So that was really cool.  I actually saw a shirt from Urban that I used to have, I felt like I was in a different world, haha, it didn’t feel like Oxkutzcab!

Also we found a stuffed animal tigre and we bought it for Tigre.  He was so happy!  He loved it.  He cried a little bit....

So Hermana Romero found a turkey feather and made a pen out of it and it’s way awesome.  So, naturally, I wanted one too.  We visited a sister named Elena who has a turkey (almost everyone has one - they’re actually the worst though because they attack people) so we looked for feathers outside her house.  We couldn’t find any so Elena’s little sister just ran over to the turkey and picked it up and said “here, take one...” and so I started to pull on the feather and it wouldn’t come out, so I pulled harder with both hands haha and it still wouldn’t come out.  Eventually I just had to stop because I was probably hurting the turkey.  It was quite disappointing.  But l ended up finding a feather on the side of the road.  So now I have una pluma de pluma.  Pluma in Spanish is pen and feather.  Haha! 

We went to a funeral for the grandma of a few branch members on Saturday morning.  Funerals here are so awful because they are so sad.  There is absolutely no hope.  It’s so tragic.  Many people think that this life is it.  And once you die, you’re done.  But that’s not how it works!  There is life after death.  Jesus Christ was resurrected 3 days after He died.  He walked the streets of Jerusalem and ministered to the apostles again.  And I know that He lives today!  Because Christ lives we can live again too. In Him we can find hope, peace and tranquility.  We can find comfort in the knowledge that our Spirits are eternal.  And that this life is only a tiny grain of sand on the beach of eternity! :)  Death is never the end.  Never has been, never will be.

I love you all!

Love, Hermana Keeler

 A tiger for Tigre!

And a new puppy for Familia Villarreal

I'm calling this viejita in hammock (she didn't say who she is)

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