Lindsay the Bug Killer and Enchiladas save the day!

Buenas!  This week was really good, but also had some pretty rough days.  Friday we had some appointments in the morning and we were really excited for the day because we had good plans!  But no one was home.  And then all the people that were home didn’t let us in haha.  We walked to the homes of nine different families and nada!  And this was from 11:30 - 3 - the hottest time of the day.  We were really discouraged.  But then we went and had lunch with some really awesome members, la familia Flores Mejica.  La Hermana Julissa (the mom) made us enchiladas and flan!  So we were very happy!  Enchiladas are very different here.  There are two types:  one that is fried masa with meat, cheese, lettuce and onion on top and the other is like the enchilada that we know  in the States - but the sauce is mole and topped with half and half, lettuce and queso fresco.  Both are delicious.

So there’s this old man that we go visit.  He’s almost blind and only has one leg.  He used to be really sad and negative all the time but since we’ve been visiting him we’ve seen a real change in him.  He’s happy!  It’s really great!  So we went to see him one night and there was a HUGE dragon fly on his ceiling fan.  We told him it was there and he got all scared haha.  So I offered to kill it.  I’m really not that brave but somehow here in Mexico I always end up as the Bug Killer because everyone else is a bug baby (that one’s for you dad :)   Anyway, I grab his broom and start swinging away haha!   The dragon fly starts going crazy flying everywhere and I’m still swinging away and my comp and I are both screaming and it’s madness for like 30 seconds.  But I claimed the victory with one swing and the beast fell to the ground in defeat.  And all while this was happening Palomo was scared out of his mind because he can’t see!  But we reassured him everything was okay. And he was grateful! :)

We moved houses!  We live right across the street from the church now!  The house is in a better neighborhood!  Our old house was in a more dangerous area haha.  When we told people where we lived before everyone was surprised because apparently stuff goes down over there.  But we never saw anything or felt insecure.  I’ve really only felt scared like 3 times.  Which is actually crazy if think about it.  I’m 20 years old and not from here and I live with another 20 year old not from here.  But I know that Heavenly Father is constantly watching over us!  So Mom you don’t need to worry!  I’m in good hands.

Overall, this week was really rough.  We’re having trouble finding people to teach.  And when there are no people to teach, we have nothing to do.  We did a lot of walking in the hot sun looking for someone, ANYONE that wanted to talk to us.  This is by far the hardest thing that I have every done.  Everyday is like hiking Mt. Timpanogos and then falling down (Hot Rod style) all the way to the bottom.  Sometimes we reach the summit, sometimes for just one lesson, sometimes for a couple days!  But these are the moments that make it worth it!  Helping a viejito to get to church so he can hear “la palabra de Dios”, teaching kids who is Jesus Christ, actually participating in a group conversation in Spanish, helping someone pray for the first time.  This is why I’m here!

I love you all!


Hermana Keeler

She sent this picture and said "this is how I feel about obeying the rules"... but don't believe her, she was a rule follower before her mission and she is even more now!

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