Animal Control and Buckets Rule

Buenas!  So nothing crazy happened this week, which is actually crazy!  We barely had any water in our house this week.  I haven’t taken a real shower in over a week.  Buckets for dayzzzz.  But actually I kind of like bucket showers more because I fill up the bucket at night at it warms up the temperature of the air by the morning.  The shower in the morning is soooo cold.  So buckets rule.

It hasn’t rained all that much.  Just yesterday for like 2 minutes but really, really hard.  It’s so bizarre, seriously there’s more rain in 2 minutes then Temecula gets in 2 months. IT’S SO HOT.  I literally sweat so much it’s ridiculous.

So there’s a food truck right next to our house and sometimes we get tortas (sandwiches with beans, carne asada, tomatoes and green salsa) before we go inside for the night.  The lady that works there is our friend and gives us a discount :)  Anyway, we went the other night and the whole family of our friend was outside.  When Hermana Romero and I walked up to the truck everyone was just silent and staring at me haha (I’m used to it by now being the only guerrita in Oxkutzcab).  But then they started asking me where I’m from, why I’m here, how I learned Spanish etc.  And one of them asked me jokingly if I knew Maya, and I said “mishbah” which is the Mayan word for “nothing”.  And everyone went legit CRAZY laughing and yelling haha.  I’m quite the spectacle!

We had a lesson with los ninos that got baptized last week and it was way fun.  They have tons of animals, at least 6 dogs, 3 cats, 5 kittens, 5 puppies, lots of ducks, a few turkeys, 2 birds, lots of chickens, a turtle, fish and a crocodile!  There are just animals everywhere.  We were sitting down to have our lesson when they brought out the kittens and then one of the kids wanted to bring out the baby chicks and that’s when everything went wild.  All the chicks escaped, so the kids were running around trying to get them. I’m holding 3 kittens simultaneously trying to get the chicks too.  And one of the kids had my camera so I was trying to protect that as well haha.  The two year old ended up catching 3 of them haha it was actually hillarious.  We just look over and she’s holding 3 chicks (laughing, crying emoji).  But we got everything figured out and all the animals back in their places and had our lesson :)

We’ve been teaching this old lady and her daughter, who are both members.  The viejita Cancionla is preparing to enter the temple so we’ve been teaching them the lessons.  Cancionla is HILARIOUS!  She always says outrageous things and laughs so loud.  When we taught her about how in heaven we’re going to be resurrected but our bodies will be perfect, she said, “Good, because I have no teeth!”.  She only has 2 on the right side of her mouth lol.  Anyway, the other day she cried because she is so excited to go to the temple! 

 Temples are such a blessing!  In these holy houses we make covenants or promises with God.  And these promises last for eternity!  Because we have temples we can make covenants that allow us to live with our families forever!  God knows that the family is central to our happiness, and for that we have this chance to seal our family bonds forever!   The phrase “til death do ye part” is actually really depressing if you think about it!  Why should marriages end in this life?  Are families not important enough to last forever? NO!  I know that families can be together forever!  I’m so glad that I have an eternal family!  With this knowledge that families are eternal we can have peace in this life.  And also have a “perfect brightness of hope” for the things our Father in heaven has in store for us.

I love all of you!


Hermana Keeler

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