Meet the Guerra that's a little looney

Buenas!  So this week was kind of crazy!  We had a lot of changes in our zone.  One of our zone leaders injured his ACL and had to go home.  It was really sad :(   So we have a very different zone now.  We’re not sure who’s going to show up to our meeting Tuesday!  

On Wednesday we had a ton of appointments but all of them fell through.  It was a really rough day!  It was so hot (we went 5 days without rain- that means the pavementias continually heated without relief) and we had no luck finding anyone to teach.  We were really discouraged - but also had a little bit of hope because we had an appointment planned with an awesome family.  We arrived and they weren’t home, BUT they got home 5 minutes later!  Sweet relief from a day of rejection!

The Marin Family live on our street and always make us food!  Brother Marin works in the post office for all of Yucatan and he knew I had a package coming!  He brought it directly to me instead of sending it to the offices and waiting an extra week!  And it was the best package ever! (sorry Mom, when you write me a 17 page letter maybe you’ll win!   Thanks Derek :))  so that was a really nice end to a really chafa (crappy) day.  The Marins are the best.  They’re kind of like my parents here in Vergel :)

I taught my very first English class!  Teaching a language in a language you’re not very good at is hard!  But actually it went pretty well.  Only kids and teenagers came but that’s probably better because I would’ve been more nervous with adults.  I just tried to make it fun so they would come back next week!  I was a little bit crazy haha.  Now I’m known as the guerra that’s a little looney in Vergel as well as Oxkutzcab!

I gave a talk in Church!  I was really nervous and when I’m nervous and in front of a lot of people I do the exact opposite as you should do.  I make jokes.  This is a very dangerous habit -- and especially dangerous in a different language.  But while I was up there I realized I was heading for deep waters and swam back to shore haha!   I managed to get a few laughs and not embarass myself.  I spoke about missionary work - shocker!

I spoke about member involvement.  I’ve realized that members are SO important in finding and teaching.  I wish I would have helped the missionaries more before the mission!

Feed the missionaries!   Go teach with them!  Please!  This work is so important!  And it is a joyful work!  We’ve had like no success, but we’re still happy!  We really only taught a few “real” lessons with investigators this week.  But in one lesson we taught a family the message of the Restoration!  And I felt so happy!  Even though I suck at teaching, I love it! 

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Hermana Keeler

A tree with a tire around it??

She took this picture for her old friend Tigre!

Opening the "best package ever"....

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