Hermana in the City

Buenas!  Well, I’m in a completely different world.  I’m in the city with like cars and stores and real houses and stuff.  It’s very different.  I’ve made a list of the differences between Oxkutzcab and Vergel.

  1. We ordered a pizza at district meeting and it was from Dominos.  There are no chain restaurants anywhere near Ox.
  2. We sit on couches in people’s houses instead of on stools or cinder blocks
  3. People have beds.  I know 3 people in Ox who have a bed.  It’s pure hammock in Ox, whereas here very few people sleep in hammocks.
  4. Instead of telling me they don’t speak English (when I’m speaking Spanish), people actually try to speak to me and sometimes they tell me my Spanish is good
  5. Instead of feeling like the new animal at the zoo, I feel like an actual normal person.  I haven’t heard anyone yell “Guerrita!” in a whole week!  It’s actually really nice.  I don’t feel so alien.

But don’t get me wrong, I really loved being in Ox.  But there are some perks to being in the city.  There are also really fun things about los pueblitos.  No one here speaks Maya!  The Mayan culture was a huge part of life in Ox, but here it’s not.  It’s sad!  I’m going to forget everything I learned!   But then again I only have to focus on learning Spanish so that’s good :)

We always had people to teach in Ox.  People were always home (usually in their hammocks) and usually willing to listen to us.  Here no one is home or they just don’t want to listen haha.  We’ve been trying to find people to teach, so we contacted like 40 people on the street and had mini lessons.  Hopefully a few of these people will receive us when we go to find them in their houses!  Pray that we can find new investigators please!

I like my new companion!  She’s from Peru and her name is Hermana Cervantes.

Sometimes I just can’t believe that I’m actually on a mission haha.  I live in Mexico with a Peruvian!  And I speak Spanish 99% of the time.  I don’t have a smartphone!  I wear a dress everyday!  I talk about the gospel for most of the day  I sleep in a hammock.  If I’m in an air conditioned room for more than 10 minutes, I am freezing.  I wear hideous missionary shoes, but I don’t even care!  I talk to random strangers - IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE - without being scared.  This whole mission thing is weird but it’s my life!

The mission has taught me so much already.  I’ve learned to work hard.  And I try to work hard happily.  I’ve learned to pray harder than I ever have before.  I’ve learned to trust God and His wisdom.

But like 90% of the time I have no idea what I’m doing haha.  I’ve learned so much but todavia me falta un buen.  I have so many things I can work on.  The mission has pointed out my flaws like never before.  Missionaries definitely aren’t perfect.  We’re just normal 20 year olds.  But I know the Lord qualifies whom he calls. So even though I know almost nothing, I know the Lord trusts me to do His work.

Have a great week!


Hermana Keeler

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