Soy Feliz!


So this week was really good!  We went to Merida Monday night for a conference.  It’s this thing called 8 principes.  Pretty much it is 2 days of learning how to apply different principles (there are 8 if you didn’t know :)  to our teaching skills.  We learn for like an hour and then do practices for an hour.  I was really nervous because I HATE PRACTICES!  They’re really awkward and I get super nervous and self conscious.  But actually it turned out really well.  I felt relatively comfortable, even though I had never talked to most of these missionaries, I understood a lot!  Not all of it obviously but enough to feel like I was actually practicing and learning, not just watching haha.

So in Merida we stayed with some hermanas.   They’re in an area called Brisas.  We don’t know we got lost trying to find their house haha.  We took a bus and thought we would be able to recognize the area (we took a taxi to their house the night before) but turns out we were on the bus for like 15 minutes past where we were supposed to get off.  We had to ask people and figure out where we were because we had no idea!  Eventually we made it back to their house!

The BUSES... The buses are literally crazy.  The bus drivers just yell at everybody and the people just yell when they want to get off and boom he pulls over to the curb so fast.  The buses only stop at the stops for enough time for the people to step in the doorway.  Usually they start going again and take the money and print the receipts while driving.  Each stop is probably an average of 12 seconds.  I’m not kidding AND THEY DRIVE SO FAST!  And they’re so crowded.  I think I was most reminded that I’m not in America anymore during that bus ride.

The hermanas that we stayed with have a BED in their house and I got to sleep in it!   I was soooo excited!  But honestly, I couldn’t sleep!  I was so uncomfortable.  I missed my hammock a lot  I was super happy to come back to Ox and sleep in my hammock on Wednesday night!

We have cambios next week.  Honestly I do not want to leave Ox!  It’s so great!  But I feel like I’m going to be changed!  So this week I’m just going to take it all in.  I’m going to learn as much Maya as possible, I’m going to make the most of every opportunity I have to teach!  I’m going to kiss every old lady I see.  And I’m going to eat frijol con puerco for every meal!

Okay, well maybe not the last two.  But really I love Ox!  The people here are so great and I’ve made so many great memories.  All the old people talk to you like you’ve been best friends forever.  The lady who works in the panadeleria (bakery) by our house expects us around at least 3 times a week.  The way to start any conversation: “Hay muchisimo calor hoy, verdad?” (It’s super hot today, right?)  The drunks that try to speak English with me and call me guerra (white girl).  The people that give us 20 mangos when we already have 50 in our fridge.  

But in all seriousness, Ox is not a nice city by any means, but I love it!  Like, I would never live here, but I’m happy living here in my little two room house that never has running water.  It’s because I’m a missionary!  I really am happy as a missionary!  I’m legit so tired all the time, always covered in sweat, and constantly fighting off mosquitos, but in spite of everything, Soy Feliz!!!

It’s because I know that the message we share is true.  I know that it can change lives.  And most importantly I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior!

I love you all!

Hermana Keeler

These cute boys attend church every week by themselves!  
She says they are stronger than most of the adults in the branch!

Visiting the tomb of their investigator that died the day after Lindsay got to the mission. 

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