Umbrellas and Armadillos

Well I had been wondering when this letter was going to come.  It seems to be inevitable for missionaries in certain areas.  And now she has the mark of a true missionary!  No pictures this week either.  So this week is definitely not my favorite!   

Hi! I had a crazy week!  We got attacked by some dogs haha but luckily a recent convert gave us an umbrella bc it was starting to rain and we could kind of fight them off with that. We didn't get bitten but they bit the umbrella so if we hadn't of had that we would've been dead. And the crazy thing is it only rained for like 5 minutes really hard right before we left! So if it hadn't rained we would have died lol. Miracles!!! Also yesterday and Saturday were the worst days of my life... 

I ate an ARMADILLO THIS WEEK!!!! We went to visit this less active family in a small pueblo outside of Ox. We were in their yard/kitchen and there was an armadillo shell and a bloody tail on a tree stump haha and we were like I guess they ate it. And then we had our lesson and we were about to leave and they offered us food! SO we ate armadillo tacos. And it was actually really good haha. We ate with toritllas and our hands no plates or utensils haha. Tortillas serve all purposes: plate, napkin, utensils. 

 I got super sick from the food. Not the armadillo surpringly. Its all so greasy and literally made with straight lard and my body cant handle it. So on Friday we ate at this members house and ate it all to be polite.  So after I felt really bad and I had to sit down in front of this investigator's house. They invited me in and I sat on their bed in the kitchen hahah in front of a fan for a few minutes and then I just straight ran outside and puked 3 times. It was all in my hair so I had to go home and change and shower. I got ready and then we had to leave for district conference in a larger pueblo 30 minutes away and I still felt bad. We had to take a van sin clíma (without A/C) that was packed and also manual transmission on bad roads so it was really awful. About 20 minutes in I knew I was going to throw up, so Hna Romero had them stop and I jumped out and puked my guts out 4 times on the side of the road. We had to figure out where we were because the van left us haha and take a taxi to Ticul. Once we got there, our zone leaders made us go to the doctor and I got some medicine. After the conference we had to go to the bus station and we had just missed the bus and the next one wasnt coming until 10:30 which actually means 11. So we waited and I felt a little better. The bus came and we got on and it was so crowded and we had to stand and it was so hot and I was like I cant do this. Three minutes in to the bus ride I had Hna Romero tell them to stop and I tried to get off... but didn't make it in time. I threw up all over dos hermanas that were with us, a mom and her kid, and an old man. It was awful.  All of us had my throw up all over us hahah. We went back to the church and some elders gave me a blessing. Then we had some members drive us home. I didn't end up going to bed until 1:30! And then we had to get up at 6:30 and go back to the conference. After we had lunch with some people and I ate a tiny bit of potatoes but then we just went back home and didnt work for the rest of the day. I slept for 16 hours. Literally more than I have ever slept in my entire life. I feel a lot better today but that was legit the worst day ever hahaha. Gotta love Mexican food. 

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