Saving Souls with Bill Nye

Buenas!  I finished my first cambio yesterday!  Thankfully Hermana Romero and I are staying in Ox!   A lot of our friends in the zone get changed though :(  I’m glad we’re here for another 6 weeks!

This week was relatively normal.  Things are good down here in Ox, rainy, but good!  May is the hot month and June is the rainy and hot month.  It’s rained almost every day for the past 2 weeks.  Honestly, I’m not a fan of the rain, but I’ve made a list of its perks too.

1.  My hair has so much volume.  It looks more like Shelby’s hair than mine.
2.  Sometimes I can use a blanket.  It cools down a ton at night when it rains.  Hammock+Blanket=Heaven! 
3.  I’m wet from water and not sweat!My feet get a break from the sun (the tan lines are so real) because we walk in 6 inches of water in the street.
4.  If our clothes are drying on the line outside, they get another rinse.
5.  People give us free things because they feel bad for us.   Metrotaxis sometimes take us places for free!  And this week we contacted a guy selling pan dulce in the rain and we were going to buy some but he just gave it to us :)

So I saved Hermana Romero’s life this week.  We were walking and we saw a dead snake.  We like to look at dead animals and sometimes pick them up haha and so we went to see.  Upon further examination of the serpent, I recalled a rhyme that I learned either at the zoo or in a Bill Nye video - I’m not sure. But it goes “If red touches black, you’re okay Jack.  If red touches yellow you’re not okay fellow.”  This rhyme is used to help you differentiate between two different snakes both with yellow, black and red stripes.  One is poisonous and one is not.  And guess what?  RED TOUCHED YELLOW!  And I told Hermana Romero not to touch it because she would die.  I actually used my knowledge of the animal kingdom to save a soul!  I knew that would come in handy one day.  And now all of you know as well and you too have the ability to save a soul.
I did something really dumb this week, I accidentally locked the keys inside our house.  So we had to go to our landlord’s house and get the keys.  Then I had to jump our fence (in a dress of course) because there’s only one key to our gate.  Our fence has like daggers on top so it was quite difficult but I did it.

One of the first things that we teach people is how to pray.  Lots of people pray, but we teach them how to pray the way that Jesus taught.  “Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name.”  3 Nephi 18:21.  We explain that prayer is like a conversation with Heavenly Father.  That is a foreign concept to some people!  But it is so important to understand that Heavenly Father wants to listen to your problems, thoughts, doubts, pleadings, desires - anything!  You can talk openly to Him!  It’s really cool to see investigators pray for the first time.  They are opening up this new window to heaven!  And strengthening their relationship with God SO MUCH!

So, when life gets dark and dreary, don’t forget to pray! 

Love you all!
Have a great week.

Hermana Keeler

These boys are the cutest! Their parents don't go to church but they go every single week and are more involved than most of the adults!!!! We are teaching their cousins that are in the picture outside. 

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