Her first Baptisms! And more about water

This week was straight up crazy!  But...we had three baptisms!!  The ninos that have the crocodile were baptized!  They’re so great!  They have so many bad influences in their lives and never were taught how to be good kids!  They used to steal and lie and all of them have seen porn, but now they pray together every night and read the scriptures!  They don’t steal or say bad words or do any of the things they used to do before.  I really love them.  They have made huge changes in their lives and are so excited to be members of the Church!

The baptism was so great!  I cried a little bit!  I sang at the baptism haha, without music and in Spanish “I like to look for rainbows”.  It was a little rough haha but ni modos (whatever)!  Their whole family came and were totally excited for the kids!  Slowly we’re going to bring all of them to the Church!

 Okay so the baptism was super great but it took so much work to put together haha.  The baptismal font doesn’t drain all the way and spiders and lizards and stuff always fall in the water.  So when we went to clean it we had to take out all the water with buckets and pour it down the toliet.  It took a really long time and we were sweating like crazy.  We did that and cleaned it and everything, then we just had to fill it.

But there was no water in the Church...none.  Only a little stream coming from the street to fill the huge tank that holds it all.  So we started to fill up the font with buckets but it wasn’t doing anything.  So we went to the Presidencia (city hall) and asked if they had anyone that could bring us water and the guy wasn’t working so they said no, haha.  So we had to go all the way to the President, well ex-President of Oxkutzcab.   He sells water so we went to his house to ask if he could help us.  It just so happened that the mototaxista that took us there is friends with their family so he talked to them and hooked us up!  So we went back to the church and they sent a HUGE truck to fill up the tank with water and we were able to fill the font.  It took like 4 hours to figure eveything out  and cost us 300 pesos but really we would have done so much more!  To see Brenda, Luis y Angela be baptized was truly priceless!  

We went to Merida this week!  We were in intercambios (where we trade companions for a day or two) and our zone leaders called us were like “You have to be in Merida by 10AM tomorrow” and it was already like 4:00.  So we had to very quickly make plans and figure everything out.  We took the bus at 5:15AM and took a taxi to the church.  The conference was so worth it though because we met our new president!  Presidente y Hermana Ruiz.  They are so loving!  There are probably going to be lots of changes in the mission too.  It’s too soon to know, so we are waiting to see.

So today is the 4th of July.  I’ve never felt so patriotic in my whole life.  Like I love the U.S. a million times more now that I live in Mexico.  We are so so so blessed in the U.S.  Things that we consider necessities in the United States are luxuries here.  The thing I took most for granted is that we have running water all the time, and it’s CLEAN!  So everyone go take a drink of water from your faucet and say a little prayer of gratitude.  Because if I drink from my faucet I will die.

But I’m also really glad I’m not a missionary in the U.S. right now because that would stink if no one wanted to talk to us.  

This week was crazy but really good.  I’m exhausted but happy!  I hope you all have a great 4th of July.  Do something very American for me :)  Eat a hamburger in my memory!  I love you all!

Love,  Hermana Keeler

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