Power Rangers Party and Getting Soaked


This week is special because it has been one year since I ate armadillo and threw up in 3 different pueblos in 2 different modes of transportation and on 6 people. GOOD TIMES!  In my journal I wrote "Today was one of the worst days of my entire life." I think back and I really am proud at how I stuck it through. 

Wow so much has changed in one year. It's felt long but really short at the same time. 

This week was really, really hard but really cool!  

We had a few tender mercies that made everything worth it!  There's a family in the ward that we LOVE! The son is 6 years old and is named George.  He loves us so much!  He invited us to his birthday party this week... complete with goody bags and a power rangers piñata! He wanted to invite his "adult friends" hahah he is so cute! We ate lunch with them and then broke the piñata after :) 

It rained a couple times and we got SOAKED! We had to literally run to one of our appointments one night because we were late. We ran in our skirts with our backpacks and everything in the pouring rain.  It was rough.  I need to run more. When we got there, I literally just laid down on the sidewalk and got drenched.  We went and taught our lesson with wet hair wet clothes and everything.  It was worth it though!  We taught the Castillo family.   The family with the son on the mission!  Hermana Adriana is so ready for baptism but we need to work more with the parents!  They're very Catholic and aren't super open to learn more right now.  But we're working with them!  Poco a poco! 

We're also teaching the family of a recent convert!  The two sons went to church yesterday!  They're way cute!  We have an appointment with them today!  We're good friends with the mom now, she was really against the church before, but now she's listening to the lessons!!!!  

There's lots of potential here in Airport!!!!! We're working hard and enjoying the heat! 

This week we sang the hymn "Did You Think to Pray?"  This hymn is really special for me beacuse it was the first hymn that I actually sang in church.  I was a stubborn child and didn't like to sing in sacrament meeting.  My mom told me to sing but I refused just because she wanted me to do it.  But one time we sang this hymn and I liked what it said, so I actually sang it!  I was probably 5 or 6, but I remember very clearly that at the end of the hymn, my mom whispered in my ear and told me she was proud of me!  Thinking about this experience, I literally cried!  I'm grateful for my mom and the example that she gave me!  I love her and miss her terribly!  But I'm here for 3 more months and I'm not backing down now!  I'm giving it my all!  I love being a missionary and I love this gospel!

Hermana Keeler

Defending the Book!

Well, this week was one of those weeks that it's a little hard to be a missionary. It was so hot. IT IS SO HOT HERE. I literally drink like a liter of water in 5 minutes and I don't even have to pee like ever (said in the most lady like way possible). Yesterday we were so thirsty. We asked for water at a random house (its actually quite common to do that here, even among normal people) and they gave us the tiniest cups and so we walked to another house to ask for more! We met a very nice family of four that have family members that are members of the church! We have an appointment with them tomorrow! 

We went to go visit one of our investigators. Her brother is a member and is actually just about to get home from his mission in 3 weeks. We love her and her family so much. We went to visit them and they were gardening so they gave us shorts to change into and we helped them! I felt so happy helping them! Service for someone you love doesn't even feel like work!!!! They bought a pizza and we ate together afterward! Adriana is ready for baptism she's just waiting for her brother to get home so that he can baptize her! I love her! She's really sweet and awesomely awkward and so cute and sooooo tiny!!!! I feel like we were friends before coming to this Earth. 

We had a really, really intense lesson with the mom of the girl that was baptized last week. She's read a lot of anti mormon things on the internet. And she refuses to read the Book of Mormon. It was a really awful lesson actually, we left feeling really depressed. She doesn't want her daughter to go to church because she doesn't want her to go on a mission. She thinks that we're brain washed into going. She kept saying "I don't want my daughter to be like you, defending that book." That cut us both really deep. But I'm glad she recognized that we both have testimonies of the Book of Mormon! It's another testimony of Jesus Christ! It was written for us! Anyone that reads it will know that it's not just another book, but that it's the word of God! 

I'm so grateful for the time that I've had here in the mission and I'm ready to kill these next 3 months :) 

Love you all!!!!! 

Hermana Keeler

Mother's Day call, A Baptism and a trip to the Mall

The long awaited Mother's Day Skype was amazing!  Lindsay had us laughing the whole time and thoroughly impressed us with her Spanish.  No letter this week, because she ran out of time but lots of pictures! 

She was able to see one of her friends from her first area in Merida who came to visit her and took her shopping for Pday.  The Mall looks like it could be anywhere in the US!  And pizza for lunch, I'm sure she was in heaven!  Transfers were today and she thought she might be transferred out of the area due to some special circumstances but they decided to keep her where she is.  She thinks she might end her mission there!  

They had a baptism this week.  She was really happy about it, but she said baptism weeks are always super stressful and she has figured out on the mission that she doesn't handle stress very well!  

Unfortunately, the girl was baptized but not able to be confirmed the next day, because her mother wouldn't give permission.  She is hoping it will happen soon!  

She had more lessons in the temple waiting room.  Apparently,  the new temple president encourages it.  He told them to bring everyone to the temple.  So they have been trying!  

Lindsay said she is super happy and trying hard not to be too trunky (missionary lingo for what happens near the end of your mission).  

An Incredible Week and a Happy 21st Birthday!

3 Mayo 2017

Wow today really was incredible.  We saw so many miracles.  We went to visit one of our investigators.  Last week she told us she wanted to get baptized in August and we didn’t want to pressure her, so we told her that it was fine.  Today we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) and she got really excited about her baptism!  We read Mosiah 18: 8-10 and she told us, “ I want to get baptized next week!”  We were totally shocked and SO HAPPY!   I got up and hugged her haha.

Later, we went to go visit a familia.  The hermana told us she lost her job on her birthday last week.  She said the talks in Sacrament meeting really helped her because they were about self reliance and work.  In Sacrament meeting,  Hermana Espinoza and I both thought, why the heck are they talking about this in Sacrament meeting?  But now we know why!  I know that the Bishopric was inspired to assign that topic for last week.  How grateful I am to have modern revelation from inspired leaders!  I learned not to doubt, but to trust that everything has a specific purpose.  It was a wake up call for me!

Then she told us how much we have helped her.  She told me she loved my enthusiasm for the Gospel and even commented on how excited I get telling stories.  On Sunday in the class Gospel Principles, I shared the story of how I received my answer to go on a mission and she told me it really impacted her.  I literally cried because I was so grateful!  She’s an answer to my prayers.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged.  I haven’t had a baptism in 4 months.  And I had been asking myself if I’ve just been wasting time.  I felt like what I was doing wasn’t having an impact on anyone.  I wondered if I was doing something wrong.  I have seen lots of other missionaries baptize a TON.  And it’s really hard not to compare myself to them!   But what she said answered my prayers!  I know that it’s worth it!  To see her testimony grow has been so amazing!  I know that Heavenly Father puts people in our lives to help us!  And she’s helped me more than I’ve helped her.

I’m very happy to be a missionary!   

7 Mayo 2017

Well this week has really been incredible!  On Thursday, we had a lesson in the temple.  Six companionships in the zone brought investigators and we all had a lesson together.  Hermana Espinoza and I taught the Plan of Salvation.  We made a big poster that had all the phases and it turned out really well.  We were very nervous to teach - we practiced a bunch of times haha.  I’ve taught the Plan a million times but never in the temple with lots of missionaries and investigators!  But it turned out really well!  A couple that’s going to be sealed in the temple went - but none of our investigators came and we were sad - until one investigator and her little brother came!  They got lost downtown but eventually found their way to the temple!  It was so awesome and we were so happy!

Then Friday...MY BIRTHDAY!  First off, I told the whole world it was my birthday because last year literally only Hermano Tigre and Hermana Romero knew!  So this year turned out way differently!  Throughout the whole week Hermana Espinoza chose things out of my birthday package that mom sent to give to me!  She opened it and separated everything so I’d get a little gift every day!  It was so fun because every day I got home and I would open my present!

On the morning of my birthday, we actually woke up late!  The alarm didn’t go off, I swear!  It had been a while since that happened and I woke up really surprised.  For a minute I though it was Sunday and that we were going to miss church! (Our ward starts at 8 and we leave to get there at like 7:15).  I was in a complete panic mode but then I realized it was Friday and my birthday!  My comp decorated the room with signs and paper hearts!  She’s way cute!

That night we had an activity.  We made a huge Book of Mormon and acted out the stories!  It was so cool.  We all entered the “stage” though the big Book of Mormon.  Hermana Espinoza and I were Laman and Lemuel and the elders were Nefi and Laban!  (there was no Sam)  But it was so fun.  And other members acted out other stories!  It was kind of thrown together at the last minute but it turned out really well and I was really pleased!

And then after the activity, they all called me into another room and started singing and surprised me with a cake.  I was really surprised and so happy!  It was so great, I felt so loved!  That night our investigator stopped by and gave me a present and wrote the sweetest note.  I went to bed that night feeling very blessed.   Honestly, it was probably my favorite birthday.  I wasn’t even sad that it’s my second birthday away from my family because I felt so much love here!  

Like I’ve said many times, the mission is a roller coaster, because we had two really great days and then one super awful day.  On Saturday everyone but 3 people rejected us!  We only went inside three houses the whole day - one investigator, one for lunch and one member!  And that was it.  The rest of the day we walked around trying to find someone to teach.  It was sad.

But then today was really great!  We had a family home evening with a young couple - they invited their neighbors.  Their neighbors are Buddhists, something extremely rare here - and the wife’s name is LINDSAY - something even more rare!  We talked about the family and how important it is for God, for us and for society!

I love my family with all my heart and I miss them terribly, but I’m happy here and I love what I’m doing!  I’m so #blessed!


Hermana Keeler

Casa del Señor

Just a few pictures this week!  When I asked if she wrote a letter, she said, "Mom we don't even have time to sleep!"  So she must be a pretty busy missionary!  

She was able to go to the temple this morning with all the other leaders in the area.  So that made her really happy.  She saw Hermana Tenorio there and I'm pretty sure I see tears in those blue eyes, 
so I think that made her happy too!  

Another perk to having the temple in her area is they were able to teach one of their investigators a lesson in the waiting room of the temple.  The temple president even came down to talk to them.  They extended an invitation for her to be baptized and she accepted.  
So it was a wonderful day for all of them!