Riding in trucks and Super Miracles

This week was incredible! Two of my favorite people got baptized on Saturday!  Adriana and Sara. Adriana is the sister of a recently returned mission and Sara is the wife of a less active member.  They both have known about the church for a long time, but recently made the decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized!  I was so happy to be able to be a part of their conversion, and finally help them make a covenant with our Heavenly Father!  I love them both so much.  They both have faced a lot of opposition in their conversion process, mainly from their own families.  It's been so inspiring to see them continue on even without the support of their families!  They both have strong testimonies, and I know that they are happy to have finally made the decision to take upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ!

We went to the baptism with Hermana Sara and her family in the back of their pickup truck.  Here in Mexico, they do things a little differently... instead of sitting in the bed of the truck you stand up.  They have like a fence to hold onto and stuff.  On the way to the baptism we were laughing and talking to hermana Sara, her sister in law and their two little kids.  It was raining just a tiny bit and I felt the wind in my face!  I just felt so happy that I was in Mexico, int he back of an old pickup truck, on the way to the church to see someone that I love make a promise with God.  I'm so grateful that I was called to serve in Mérida.  I love this place and this people with all of my heart. 

Welll.... I had changes!  I've got a new companion!  I'm super excited to work with Hermana Torres!  She was one of my friends in Campeche!  She's going home this change, and I go home 3 weeks after her, so we're both nearing the end!  We're going to work hard to finish strong!!!!  We're hoping to be able to baptize the Garrido family (the boys and their mom) and a few of our other investigators!  I'm a little sad that Hermana Espinoza left, but I'm glad for the time that we had together in this ward!  We worked really well together!  I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot too!  But I'm really glad that I'm with Hermana Torres.  She's super sweet and really fun!  I'm so blessed that I've always had good companions!!!!

SO this week we saw a super miracle. Yesterday we went to church in an uber taxi with Adriana and David, and we got there a couple minutes late so we like ran out of the taxi.  Our cell phone fell out of my pocket and got left in the taxi!  We called and called and no one answered!  Then later Hermano David called again and the taxi driver answered!  We asked him where he was and he said, One block from the mormon temple downtown.  And David was like,  Hey go inside the chruch right next to the temple and give the phone to the guys in white shirts and ties"!  Our phone ended up with the security guard!  The Elders passed by later that night and brought it to us the next day!!!!  I didn't have to pay 600 pesos to buy a new one!!!!!  Blessings!!!! 

I want you all to know that I am happy. SO HAPPY! You wanna know why?  Because I love my Heavenly Father! And He loves me. And all of you too :) 

 I love you all! 
Hermana Keeler 

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