Small Victories!

The next time we hear from her she will be in Merida!   Her Pdays (the day she gets to email) will be on Mondays now.  Her birthday is Thursday, May 5th… Cinco de Mayo!  (I should have known that someday she would be spending her 20th birthday living in Mexico!)  Anyway, if you would kindly send her some birthday love via email prior to Monday, May 2nd she would love it!

SO this week was good. Went by WAY FAST. I feel like I was just doing this but it has been a whole week!!! 

I am good at things that no one cares about. Badminton, roller skating... tap dancing. I realized this week that tap dancing is quite an impressive skill and I never really realized it. The other day someone brought it up for some reason and I was like "oh yeah I can tap dance" and showed my district a couple moves and they were all like WOAH THATS SO COOL. And then I taught one Elder how to do a shirley temple and he practiced it a ton hahaha. So that was really funny. 

The comedor has really been letting us down lately. Last Friday they served fish for lunch and then served the same fish that no one ate for dinner but tried to disguise it with red sauce. It was disgusting. Later that night when Hermana Dangl and Hermana Nelson were praying they thanked Heavenly Father for the comedor and after I  was like WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR THE COMEDOR. But then the next day for lunch they had flautas with avocado salsa and flan the dessert of the Gods. So moral of the story is prayer works. Be thankful for everything. Even old tilapia. 

Okay you know how I got swoll? MY BODY TURNED ON ME AND I GOT A LITTLE TINY STRETCH MARK ON MY RIGHT BICEPT. I got too muscular too fast, what?  So we have been playing tennis at gym and not lifting weights. Today was the last chance to exercise here because we have meetings and have to pack and stuff, I played volleyball today and I actually enjoyed it. Small victories against the world's most socially stressful sport. 

We are packing today! SO that is why our room is digusting in the picture haha. 

Speaking of small victories, I went to show someone that I couldn´t roll my Rs and I ROLLED MY RS. I can usually do it a little bit in words but I have never been able to just straight roll my Rs but I DID IT. I legit slammed against the wall I was so surprised and elated. Haven't really been able to do it since but it was a good moment! 

SO spiritual thought this week. On Sunday we had a lesson about hope. It was very timely because the previous day we took this little quiz to see Christlike attributes that we needed to work on. My lowest scoring one was hope! There was a quote on this slideshow that we watched that said, " I can't do this but I'm doing it anyway!”.  And that is how I feel most of the time honestly!  Like what am I doing I can't speak Spanish!  But I am doing it anyway because I am being obedient!  And I have to have hope that good will come out of this experience!  Even if my only convert is me :)

I leave at 2:30 AM on Monday!  Super crazy. I am trying to enjoy my rock hard bed and hot showers because who knows what will be in store for me in Mérida! 

It will be an adventure!!! 

Hermana Keeler

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