Victory! and the Peak of the Mission

Well this week was amazing.  Adriana was supposed to get baptized this week, but that didn't happen.  But it's okay because its going to happen this Saturday!   It's actually better this way because now she has more time to talk to her dad.  Originally she had planned to not invite him to see her baptism, but we talked to her and helped her understand that it is important that her family supports her.  She's had a little more time to help him understand why this is important for her!  

Also she's had more help because her brother, David, came home from his mission on Tuesday!  He is really awesome and is so excited to baptize his sister on Saturday!  I feel so privileged to be able to get to know this family!  They really are so special to me.  

Friday was probably the best day of my whole mission!  We went to visit Adriana and David, and after they went to a lesson to teach with us.  David was really happy to be teaching again, and Adriana was really nervous!  But she shared her testimony and it was really powerful!  David started crying right in the middle of the lesson- he was so happy to see his sister with a testimony of this gospel!  She testified about how HAPPY the gospel makes us!  And I know it's so true!  I left that lesson feeling so ridiculously happy.  It's crazy! 
Then later that day we had a lesson in the temple with the Garrido family (the boys we're teaching).  We went to their house to all go to the temple together, and we arrived with them already waiting for us, all dressed up in their white shirts and ties!  I just about died!  It was so cute.  We went to the temple and talked about the Plan of Salvation.  All 3 boys and their mom accepted to be baptized July 8th.  I love them so much! 

Later that day we went to a piano concert! It was really fun and a nice change of pace. I hadn't done anything like that for a really long time. I was glad for a time to just enjoy the music! 

Also another one of our investigators, Sara, who has been investigating the church for a really really long time, decided to get baptized with Adriana this Saturday!  They studied together in high school and are friends, it's going to be really great to see them get baptized together!  So we're expecting 2 baptisms this week and 4 more in just a couple weeks!  
I feel like I'm at my peak in the mission!  I keep thinking that the mission can't get any better, but I have enjoyed every transfer more than the transfer before!  I keep saying, "It can't get any better than this!"  But then it just keeps getting better!  I feel so blessed to be in my area with my companion at this time.  I am so happy! 

Hermana Keeler  

From last week's P-day - meeting up with Hermana Tenorio for lunch! 

 The best day of her mission so far! 

                                     I think this must be the go-to crazy picture face :)

Here's a different look...Hermanas in shorts doing service!  

A Frida Kahlo themed restaurant, she said it was too expensive to actually eat there.  

"The Boys" they are teaching!  

After they taught the boys' mom the lesson on the Word of Wisdom, she decided to give up coffee.  She gave them her bottle to take home!  Victory!

From today's P-day, she finally baked the cake mix I sent for her birthday with her zone.  They even sang happy birthday to her!   They went to visit with a senior couple in their home.  She loved being with them in their apartment!   Makes me think of my mom and dad with the missionaries in South Africa!

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