The Heat has nothing on Us!

Buenas!  Well this week was really great.  It's been really fun to show Hermana Torres around this area.  I've realized that it really is a super cool area.  There's a little bit of everything. There are some really poor parts, but there are also some really rich parts.  It's a good mix.  And we're not lacking in people to teach!  There are so many people here.  We have a ton of investigators PFs (in mission language that means families where not all are members). 

Hermana Torres and I get along really well.  She's super cute and funny.  I met her in Campeche when she was my sister training leader.  It's nice being a sister training leader because it usually means you have good companions.  I've been blessed to be friends with every one of mine!  Also My beloved daughter Hermana Sanchez is now in our zone!  I get to see her every Tuesday!  It's so great to see old companions again :)  I've made lifelong friends here in the mission!!!!!! 

This week we decided to try something a little different to find people to teach!  Hermana Torres knows how to play the recorder ( the fake insturment that you learn in elementary school haha) and I can sing a little bit, so we decided to play and sing for people.  It really didn't work as well as I thought it would.  The people weren't as excited as I hoped.  I guess we were just mediocre!  BUT.  We did see a miracle! 

We went to go see a less active member on Sunday.  We yelled and no one came out.  We yelled again and nothing.  Then it started to rain a little bit so we got closer to her door and took cover under the little porch.  We were just standing there for a little bit and Hermana Torres pulled out her recorder and started playing.  And so I started singing.  Suddenly the woman who lived there stuck her head out of the window on the second floor and asked us what we were doing there.  She was just like what the heck are these girls doing at my door and why are they singing.  So we explained who we were and everything.  And turns out the less active member had moved that day!!!  But this woman invited us in (it was raining REALLY HARD at this point) and we taught her about the book of Mormon!  We found a new investigator thanks to Hermana Torres's recorder :) 

Yesterday at church my convert, Sara, bore her testimony!  I was so proud!  She really is so great!  She has a strong testimony!  She faces a lot of opposition, but is really faithful and perservering!  Her brother in law Eduardo also came to church and is going to be baptized next week!  I love them so much!  They invited us over for pancakes last night.  We ate them Yucatecan style... con la mano! (with your hands) 

I love being a missionary!  Yesterday at church I just felt so happy.  I love all of the members.  I love all the people I teach!  I've been so blessed to be in this area.  I feel like I'm in the promised land.  There are so many people that are prepared to recieve the gospel!  And I'm glad to be an instrument in God's hands! 

We are hoping to have 5 baptisms this change!  We know it's possible with a lot faith and a whole lot of hard work.  The heat has nothing on us!  We're missionaries of the true church!  And we're going to finish strong!!!!!  I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father!!!!!

Hermana Keeler

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