Four Areas and the Lessons Learned

Well this week was great!!!!  I feel like the weeks are just flying by.  We are already in semana 3 of this cambio!  It's gone by so fast.  And it's crazy that I just have 6 weeks left.  I've really been feeling the urgency to do everything that I possibly can in these last weeks that I've got!  My companion and I are working HARD.  We had 9 investigators at church yesterday :) And we have 5 baptisms planned for this change!  Jared and Eduardo are getting baptized this week!  It's been incredible to see so many people so willing and so ready to make a covenant with our Heavenly Father!  I love all of the people that I am teaching soooo much! They iinspire me to be better! 

Adriana this week recieved a calling!  She won't tell us what it is becuase she wants it to be a surprise when they announce it in church this Sunday!  I'm so excited for her!  She's learning a lot and really living the gospel.  Last week she couldn't go to church because she was really sick, but when we went to visit her later that night she told us, "I sanctified the Sabbath day here in my house."  I died hahah she's soooo cute and has such a desire to choose the right!  I love her! 
We're having a little bit of trouble finding new people to teach!  We have a ton of investigators right now, but they're all going to get baptized soon and we won't have anyone left to teach.  SO we're praying hard and searching for these people!!!! 

Sooooo I got sick this week!  I had a 39 degree fever!  We use Celcius here haha!  But I felt really really awful on Friday and I didn't know why and also I was soooo hot so finally I asked for a thermometer to see if I had a fever and I was burning up.  We went home a little later and I rested for a bit!  The next day I even got to sleep in a little bit!  And when I woke up I was fine.  I think Heavenly Father sent me a fever so that I could sleep just a little longer!  Tender mercies :) 

On Sunday we got locked inside the church, and outside of our house!  First we were inside the church studying when we got a call from the elders asking where we were... we told them and they were like oh crap you guys are locked in. So they had to call someone to let us out!  Then... I locked the keys inside the house so when we got back at 9 we were locked out.... my comp jumped the fence climbed on the roof and tried to get in through the back... that didn't work.  Then the Castillo family came to help us and hermano Olegario got us in!  They saved us!  But I felt so dumb after haha.  That's the third time in my mission that I've forgotten the keys!  Who knows why my companions always want me to carry them with me! : }

Well I was reflecting a little bit on my whole mission. I was thinking about my areas, and how each one of these areas has taught me something different. I know that the changes are inspired and that in each area I have had something new to learn! 

Oxkutzcab was to humble me. Mérida was to help me gain a confidence with Spanish and help me to connect with the people. Campeche was to help me learn how to find people to teach, and help them understand the principles of the gospel. Aeropuerto is the place where I have learned how to baptize. But more than anything how to love! I'm so grateful for the Mission!  I have loved every one of my areas and all the people I met!   I can only think back on my mission and feel gratitude!  I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity that my Heavenly Faher has given me :) 

I love you all! 
Hermana Keeler

She didn't send pictures today so I found some from each of her areas.  Enjoy the Retrospective! 


 MERIDA (Vergel)


 MERIDA (Aeropuerto) 

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