Mother's Day call, A Baptism and a trip to the Mall

The long awaited Mother's Day Skype was amazing!  Lindsay had us laughing the whole time and thoroughly impressed us with her Spanish.  No letter this week, because she ran out of time but lots of pictures! 

She was able to see one of her friends from her first area in Merida who came to visit her and took her shopping for Pday.  The Mall looks like it could be anywhere in the US!  And pizza for lunch, I'm sure she was in heaven!  Transfers were today and she thought she might be transferred out of the area due to some special circumstances but they decided to keep her where she is.  She thinks she might end her mission there!  

They had a baptism this week.  She was really happy about it, but she said baptism weeks are always super stressful and she has figured out on the mission that she doesn't handle stress very well!  

Unfortunately, the girl was baptized but not able to be confirmed the next day, because her mother wouldn't give permission.  She is hoping it will happen soon!  

She had more lessons in the temple waiting room.  Apparently,  the new temple president encourages it.  He told them to bring everyone to the temple.  So they have been trying!  

Lindsay said she is super happy and trying hard not to be too trunky (missionary lingo for what happens near the end of your mission).  

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