Rain won't stop these Hermanas!

Buenas!  So this week went by WAY FAST!  Seriously, I feel like last Monday was yesterday.  This week was super cool for lots of reasons.  I’ve made a list!

  1. We got an air conditioning unit for our bedroom! (well, in this case it’s a hammockroom)  We sleep nice and cold now.
  2. It rained ALOT!  And Hermana Espinoza and I wore matching rain ponchos.  People looked at us and laughed.
  3. We found lots of new people to teach!
  4. We went a whole day without having to take the bus (which actually takes a lot of planning).
  5. A viejita in the ward invited us to go visit all her friends and share the gospel with them.  She took us to their houses and introduced us!  We set appointments and we’re going back this week :) But she was so cute and kept saying, “Let’s go bring people to the gospel!  And it they reject us, we’ll keep going!”
  6. One of the recent converts in the area accompanied us in a lesson with his neighbors, and they wanted him to the prayer at the beginning of the lesson and again at the end of the lesson.  He agreed, but in his prayer he started with “Padre celestial, me toco otra vez, nimodos” (translation:  Heavenly Father, it’s my turn again to say the prayer/they chose me again to say the prayer, whatevs).  It’s much more funny in Spanish.  But I was dying, I almost laughed out loud during the prayer.
  7. I read 1 Nephi Chapter 1 for the millioneth time.  But I learned SO much!  We can literally read the same words over and over again and get something new out of it every single time.  The Book of Mormon is so cool and so true.  
  8. I learned how important it is to have patience with others.  If God has been so patient with us, we should probably try a little harder.
  9. Hermana Espinoza almost go stuck on the bus again!
  10. I turned 13 months old (in the mish)!
And that’s all for this week folks!  But I’ve got a challenge for you all.  Read 1 Nephi over again.  Read it well!  You’ll find it’s packed with awesomeness!  Also, invite the missionaries to visit one friend.  Just one!  It will make the missionaries happy, and it will make Heavenly Father happy too!  But most importantly it will make your friend happy - for eternity!

I love you all.  Have a great week!  
Hermana Keeler

This week she shares how much she loves bouganvillea, their matching rain ponchos and a battle between a gecko and a cockroach that they watched for 20 minutes.  You can see from the picture who won!  

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