Another baptism and a bag of brujeria!

Buenas!  Well, this week was really great!  First off, we had a baptism!  His name is Rodrigo and he’s nine.  He’s hilarious, haha!  His mom is a member but doesn’t go to church, he goes with his grandparents.  His grandpa was recently baptized too.  But that was really great.  He’s a good 
kid :)

Lots of people look down on “kid baptisms” because they say they aren’t “real” converts, but I completely disagree!  “The worth of souls is great in the sight of God” and that means EVERY soul ... even kids.  Also, kids are way more willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ than most adults.  We went to clean the church and Rodrigo had his interview for his baptism at the same time, but he wanted to stay after and help us clean!  And he was so happy to be helping us.  It was really cute.

This week we had CAMBIOS.   And guess what?  Hermana Cervantes and I are staying! Woo!  We’re so glad because we’ve found so many new people to teach lately.  We have so much work to do.  And we both know the area and the people so we can keep the work going!  So we’re pretty excited. 

Ok, something super weird happened this week.  We went to our district meeting on Tuesday and outside the church we noticed there was a clear plastic bag with something red inside.  This really wasn’t that strange because we leave our trash on the sidewalk and people come pick it up.  But, upon further examination, I realized there were chicken feet inside!   And then I realized there was a whole dead chicken attached to the feet.  And then I realized there was a dead pigeon also...all wrapped in a red cloth.  I pointed it out to a few missionaries there and all the Latinos were convinced it was brujeria (witchcraft).  Who knows what it was haha, but it was really weird.  It was gone by the next day!  We called it the bag of brujeria haha!   But don’t worry all is well in the Church :)

Everyone here tells me I make lots of facial expressions when I talk.  I knew that I was expressive, but I didn’t realize how much.  Almost everyone in the ward has commented on my face haha.  People think I’m crazy!  The Bishop is always laughing at my face.  I didn’t realize I was so weird until now.  But everywhere I go I’m the crazy gringa.

So this week wasn’t nearly as hard as last week.  We had some success!  Some failure too haha.  But we found lots of people!  And had a lot of uncomfortable moments too.  But that’s the mission!  The highs are high and the lows are low!  And every day is different!  It’s sometimes great and sometimes I want to take the next plane to San Diego.  BUT!  It’s so worth it!  The mission has already changed my life.  These people have helped me more than I can ever help them!  GO ON A MISSION.  It’s the best thing you can do for yourself!

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Keeler

She says this is how everyone knows her name  Hermana Killer! 

And the rain continues!

Hermana Cervantes killing mosquitos! 

The Worth of Souls is Great! 

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