Not looking back...

Querido familia,
The MTC is easy.... said no JUAN ever. 

The CCM is so beautiful. It is right at the base of a hill with pretty brightly colored houses all over it! I look up at the hills everyday and am just amazed because it is so beautiful. There are these pretty purple trees everywhere that you would love mom. But they're kind of annoying because the flowers get stuck to your shoes and sometimes your skirt and then you have a purple stain on your butt for the rest of the day. But está bien.  

We got to the CCM on Wednesday EXHAUSTED, ate dinner, tried not to cry, unpacked our rooms and went to bed early. The beds are SO HARD and I had a really hard time sleeping. The next day we started all of our classes! Personal study, companion study, language, and lots of orientations. Not gonna lie the first tres días SUCKED. The days felt like years. I kept thinking why am I here,  my life is way better than this!!! And then I got sick on Saturday so I felt awful until Monday. I feel better now but not all the way better. Anyway, to the good stuff...

On Sunday we watched The Restoration and after my district had a really great discussion about it. It put everything into perspective. The Early Saints sacrificed so much! So we can sacrifice a few months. After that my attitude changed and I haven't looked back. 

So my companion is Hermana Christensen. She is from Rigby Idaho and totally reminds me of Maren. She's super sweet.  So it works out. She and I get along really well. My district is super awesome. They're really fun and we are all best friends now. One of the Elders in my district is literally Braden Manley. I laugh at everything that he says haha. It's so weird. 

So on our second day here we taught a LESSON. AN ENTIRE VEINTE MINUTO LECCIÓN. Like what? How? I don't even know. We have taught our investigator Juan five lessons already. We have improved so much. The first lesson I did almost all the talking which was crazy. I am so glad that I studied Spanish before coming out here. I feel like I should know Spanish already because I feel like I've been here forever, but then I remember that I got here last Wednesday. I can understand almost everything that my maestros say to me so that's really good. I am ahead of my district but they're approaching me quickly haha. Talking with latinos is really hard but super helpful.

Funny things that happened this week. When I got the letter, I cried of excitement! Literally cried! The Elders in my district were like what the heck. hahah. Also, I got pooped on by a bird. So that was great. At the comedor one day for dinner, I got carnitas and upon further examination I found meat that looked like onions with hair on it. I didn't eat it. 

Today at lunch we talked to some Latinos and one of them was from Mérida. He told us that he has family there that are not baptized, so he wants us to find them and baptize them! He gave us his email so that we can tell him about it! Que padre!! 

The other day we were talking about the doctrine of Christ and how Christ says "Seguid Me". When we tell investigators to follow Him, we are really telling them to follow our examples, because we are Christ's representatives. We wear His name. That really hit me! If I am going to be His representative on Earth, I need to be so much better than I am now! 

Estoy aprendido. 
I love you all.

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