Power Rangers Party and Getting Soaked


This week is special because it has been one year since I ate armadillo and threw up in 3 different pueblos in 2 different modes of transportation and on 6 people. GOOD TIMES!  In my journal I wrote "Today was one of the worst days of my entire life." I think back and I really am proud at how I stuck it through. 

Wow so much has changed in one year. It's felt long but really short at the same time. 

This week was really, really hard but really cool!  

We had a few tender mercies that made everything worth it!  There's a family in the ward that we LOVE! The son is 6 years old and is named George.  He loves us so much!  He invited us to his birthday party this week... complete with goody bags and a power rangers piñata! He wanted to invite his "adult friends" hahah he is so cute! We ate lunch with them and then broke the piñata after :) 

It rained a couple times and we got SOAKED! We had to literally run to one of our appointments one night because we were late. We ran in our skirts with our backpacks and everything in the pouring rain.  It was rough.  I need to run more. When we got there, I literally just laid down on the sidewalk and got drenched.  We went and taught our lesson with wet hair wet clothes and everything.  It was worth it though!  We taught the Castillo family.   The family with the son on the mission!  Hermana Adriana is so ready for baptism but we need to work more with the parents!  They're very Catholic and aren't super open to learn more right now.  But we're working with them!  Poco a poco! 

We're also teaching the family of a recent convert!  The two sons went to church yesterday!  They're way cute!  We have an appointment with them today!  We're good friends with the mom now, she was really against the church before, but now she's listening to the lessons!!!!  

There's lots of potential here in Airport!!!!! We're working hard and enjoying the heat! 

This week we sang the hymn "Did You Think to Pray?"  This hymn is really special for me beacuse it was the first hymn that I actually sang in church.  I was a stubborn child and didn't like to sing in sacrament meeting.  My mom told me to sing but I refused just because she wanted me to do it.  But one time we sang this hymn and I liked what it said, so I actually sang it!  I was probably 5 or 6, but I remember very clearly that at the end of the hymn, my mom whispered in my ear and told me she was proud of me!  Thinking about this experience, I literally cried!  I'm grateful for my mom and the example that she gave me!  I love her and miss her terribly!  But I'm here for 3 more months and I'm not backing down now!  I'm giving it my all!  I love being a missionary and I love this gospel!

Hermana Keeler

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