The Circus comes to town!

This week was a ton better than last week.  I’m feeling a lot better about the language and just about everything in general.  Presidente and Hermana Garcia are leaving on Tuesday, so we had a conference with them this past Tuesday in Merida.  We went and stayed with some hermanas in Merida because we’re far from everything, haha!.  But we ended up staying with Hermana Christensen (my MTC companion) and her companion!  That was so fun to see her again!

The conference was really good.  I’m to the point where I’m not just struggling to understand but I can actually listen and learn things.  That was really refreshing.  It was really sad to say good bye to them.  Well, mostly sad to say bye to Hermana Garcia because we got pretty close, pretty fast!  We have to talk to her when we are sick and she was in Ticul when the vomiting bus incident happened, so we talked a lot haha.  She always made sure I was feeling okay.  President Garcia just said “See you in the temple!”  He’s very very excited to attend all our weddings :)  But it was sad to say Bye to him too.  He’s very wise (and also very scary haha).

Okay, embarrassing moment of the week.  We were in a lesson and la hermana gave us mango juice in these giant teacup things with a tiny handle.  When I finished, I went to hand her the cup and my fat little fingers were stuck in the handle.  She started to walk away and I had to say “Mis dedos!” (my fingers!).  She stopped so I could extract them from the tiny handle.  If Shelby were there she would’ve reminded me how fat my hands are.  I was laughing for like ten minutes after haha!

I learned more Maya this week!  For language study on Thursday Tigre taught us some words and phrases.  The language is dying!  The rising generation doesn’t know how to speak it!  I’ve actually picked up quite a few words.  I have no idea how to read or write it though.  To write it is way hard because there are a million apostrophes that mean like this kind of clicking sound that I still can’t do.

The advertising here is way different.  The most common way to advertise something is to record a commercial, put giant loud speakers on your car, tricicolo o moto and just drive around.  One guy does all the commercials so it’s always the same voice.  And it’s soooooo loud.  The circus came to Oxkutzcab!  So I’ve heard “Circo Magico...solo cinco, cinco pesos!” like 50,000,000 times a day for the past 2 weeks.  We wanted to go to the circus but we can’t :(   And it’s only cinco pesos!   Que lastima!

One thing I wasn’t expecting about the mission is all the gossip.  Everyone knows everything that happens.  There are no secrets.  Everyone knows everything about everyone else.  And I really don’t like it!  But I mean we are a bunch of 18-23 year olds so it kind of makes sense.  The mission is kind of like it’s own little world.  It’s really different.

Apparently Yucatan chocolate is super good or something (I think it’s gross because it doesn’t have any sugar at all) but Tigre bought us some to make hot chocolate.  We have a little camping stove but we’ve only used it once.  So I tried to heat up the milk and everything was fine and then all of a sudden the outlet started smoking like crazy and we had to run outside and turn the power off!  The metal part of the plug had completely corroded.  We almost had an electrical fire!  But it’s all good, except now we need a new stove.

I have only felt tall in 2 places in my whole life.  The first at Dr. Tayriens office (our dentist who is Filipino) with all the tiny dentists and second, this Sunday at Church.  There’s this viejita in our branch that is legit 4 feet tall and all her family is tiny too.  We sat next to her and her nieta (granddaughter) in church.  When we stood up to sing the intermediate hymn I literally felt like a giant.  It was a very different feeling.  I think I prefer being short haha!

So one thing we teach people that have no religious background is - como es Dios (what God is like).  He’s like us!  He has a body of flesh and bone like us, but his is perfect!  He has eyes to watch over us!  A brain to think about us!  Ears to listen to our prayers!   Hands to help us when we’re in need and a heart to love us!  I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father!

Love you all!

Hermana Keeler 

What's better than one puppy?

Two puppies!!

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