There's Only ONE Hermana Keeler

Wow this week went by so ridiculously fast. So we have 2 families that we are teaching. 

First, is the family of the missionary that's coming home in just a week from tomorrow! 
The dad is super Catholic, but he's been a lot more open recently. We taught about the plan of salvation using scriptures from the Bible and he started to have questions and was really interested!  Little victories! 

Adrinna is getting baptized 2 days after her brother gets home- June 15th. She's still the cutest tiniest humans I know. 

In the next family, the son is a convert.  He was baptized 2 years ago. We started teaching his brothers a while ago and met his cousin this week!  He's 17 and has been using drugs for 5 years. He recently quit and wants to change!  We've been teaching him and he's already been to church twice!  These boys are so cute and so eager to learn. In church, they learned about the priesthood and are really excited to recieve it after their baptisms!  Their mom is really just supporting them and going to church to help THEM and not to help HER. But we're trying to work with her to help her understand that the gospel is just as much for her as it is for her sons and nephew! 

It's been raining a lot!  Rain is really great but also it's really annoying.  It's great because the sun isn't out, but it's bad because sometimes it feels hotter because the air is water and not air haha.  It's great because at night its colder.  It's bad because the shower is ice the morning after.  It's great because people are more willing to let us in.  It's bad because my feet are always wet and I might get trenchfoot. 

So it's whatevs. 

I had an interview with my mission president today.  He's the best!  He just told me how much he loved me and how grateful he is that I'm here in the mission!  He told me, "We have 144 missionaries here in this mission, but we only have ONE Hermana Keeler."  I felt so loved!  It's the best to talk to him.  Sometimes I get really hard on myself.  But I've learned a lot about love here in the mission, especially about how to love myself!  I'm happy to be a missionary!!!!! 

Hermana Keeler

 Yucatan, the only place where you can have a pine tree, palm tree and a cactus in the same yard

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