Octopus for dinner

WELL. This week was waaaaay awesome! We had a cultural activity at church to celebrate the opening of a new chapel right next to the temple. That chapel burned down about 18 months ago due to an electrical fire. It was under construction for a really long time and it finally opened! So to celebrate all of the wards in the stake prepared a few numbers! The ward did a traditional dance from Jalisco (it's like one of the skirt dances haha) and also we acted out stories from the Book of Mormon again! Also all the missionaries sang and my companion played the violin! It was really fun. The boys we're teaching were part of the skits and really enjoyed it! We were really happy!!!! We got to be in it too! I used my dress from Oaxaca and a sister in Campeche gave me some sandals from Oxkutzcab! I looked like a pretty goood Nephite!!! 

We also had stake conference! It's funny because in the mission, stake conference is like a big deal haha! I've changed a little bit! I was like way excited. When I was at home stake conference was whatever, but I've learned it's actually really cool! Our leaders get revelation specifically for the stake!!!! So everyone go to stake conference :) 

We did splits twice this week! One thing about being a sister training leader is that we get to work with a lot of different sisters! It's cool because I get to learn from them! I'm the one who is supposed to be training them but usually they end up training me :) I got to do splits with Hermana Terry, one of my dearest friends in the mission!! She's so great. She goes home in 2 weeks!!!!! 

My comp and I decided to be a little bit adventurous this week and cook octopus! It was at the store for 20 pesos so we just bought it and tried to make something! And it actually turned out pretty good! But our house smelled awful after! 

Also we helped cook meat outside! Lots of people cook on their little grills outside even in the rain! You can't tell a ton in the picture but it was raining :)

Hermana Adriana is getting baptized this week! I am so excited because I love her so much!!!!!! And also her brother gets home from his mission TOMORROW! We're so happy for this family!!!!! 

I love being a missionary!!!!!! 

Hermana Keeler

With Hermana Terry!

Teaching the boys Lehi's "Tree of Life" vision.  They drew pictures of it.  

Octopus Dinner

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