Half Way Done!!

Buenas!  So, this week I’m going to hit my half-way mark!  Yes, people, you read that right!  Hermana Keeler survived 9 months in the mission!  I cannot stress enough that I never thought that I would make it this far!  But our Heavenly Father knew that I could and that’s why He called me on a mission.  I can’t believe that my mission is already halfway over, but to be honest, at the same time it kind of scares me that I have to do all of this over again.  But everyone tells me the first half is way longer than the second half.

So much has happened in 9 months.  I’ve learned SO much.  I’ve laughed so hard.  I’ve cried a few times too.  I’ve learned to express myself with a symphony of poorly rolled “r”s and a handful of “que?”s.  I’ve learned to live in a very different country with a very different way of life.  I’ve been pushed, pulled and stretched to my limits.  I’ve learned to be a little less self centered.  And I’ve learned to love a whole lot more.

You know how much I love lists.  You all should have seen it coming.  A list of things that make the mission the best (in no particular order)

  1. THE PEOPLE:  We in the US need to learn a little bit of charity, love and humility.  I have been shocked time and time again by their willingness to help me.  I honestly feel like I’ve been served more than I have actually served.
  2. THE FOOD:  It’s so good.  #empanizado4life #stacksonstacksonstacksoftortillas  #flanonfleek
  3.  THE SUN:  I thank our Heavenly Father every day that I’m not serving in the cold.      Even though sometimes I feel like I’m going to die, it’s better than the cold.
  4.  THE HUMIDITY:  Just kidding, humidity is actually the worst but I haven’t used lotion for 7 1/2 months because of it.  
  5.  MY HAMMOCK:  I love it so much (maybe more than I love Muffy.)
  6.  PREACH MY GOSPEL:  This manual is the key to being a successful missionary.  I seriously underestimated its value at the beginning of my mission.
  7.  MY MISSIONARY FRIENDS:  I’ve met some incredible people here and have learned so much from their examples.  Also, I’ve learned that country and cultural differences have nothing to do with one’s ability to make friends (not sure if that made sense, my English is not as great as it once was.)
  8. THE BOOK OF MORMON:  There are so many cool stories in this book.  Go read Alma 24 if you don’t believe me.
  9. SPANISH:  There are so many things you can learn from learning a second      language.  The way that you think about everything suddenly has double the possibilities, double the meaning.  For example, the word “enchilarse” means literally translated, “to make oneself spicy”.  But is used to describe when you eat something really spicy to the point when you’re red and sweating, or accidentally get something spicy on some part of your body (usually the face).  It’s one of my favorite words and I use it quite frequently!.  

***So this is where her letter ended.  She writes her letters on paper and takes a picture of them and sends them to me.  So I get to transcribe them for you every week.  I think she thought she was sending me pictures of all the pages but she only sent the front two.  I just know she never would have ended a list on number 9!  So we will have to wait for the conclusion next week :(

But I am sure she would have ended this email thanking everyone for their emails and all the love and support you have given to her through these first 9 months of her mission.  And she definitely would have wished you all a Feliz Navidad!  

And as her mom, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of love and concern shown for her by all of you, her family and friends and the wonderful people she serves in Mexico!  So thank you all and have a wonderful Christmas! 

Hermana Keeler y su madre

And here are lots of pictures just in case you worried that she wasn't having any fun!  

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