Singing on the Bus

Buenas!  So this week was way awesome!  The highlight of the week was that we went to Merida to have a meeting with Elder Pieper (a Church authority that’s over Mexico).  It was way fun to go back to Merida after not being there for a little while.  It was nice to go to a place that I recognized.  It felt a little bit like coming home.  We got to go in fancy buses again.  We were sitting right in front of the little TV and it was really hard not to watch the movie #obediencebringsblessings.  Anyway, my comp and I were in a special choir for Elder Pieper, so we went up early to practice.  All of us missionaries that were going to sing met up near the temple and then we all took a bus to a church nearby.  There were like 16 missionaries all on one bus!  We sang Christmas hymns for all of the other passengers.  It was a very cool experience.  I felt very blessed to be a missionary :)

The conference with Elder Pieper was so great!  I was actually really surprised at how down to earth and informal it was.  It was way cool though.  One thing that I think a lot of church members (myself included) do is expect general authorities to give us mind blowing revelations to our questions.  But that’s not usually how it is.  Heavenly Father is the same, yesterday, today and forever, and so are His doctrines.  We already have the fulness of the restored gospel.  General Authorities are really inspired in the way that they apply the simple truths that we already have.  I really loved the perspectives that Elder Pieper took on missionary work.  It was really great - all of it!  So that was the main event of the week.

We've been teaching a mom and her 3 daughters for the last 4 weeks. The daughter is 17 and is getting baptized this week. Yesterday they all went to church and it was really cool. Afterward we went to their house and had another lesson. The mom hadn't accepted the invitation to be baptized yet. After the lesson I felt prompted to ask her how she felt about her daughter's baptism. She told us that she was really happy and had really seen a change in her daughter. She also said that their relationship is so much stronger than it was before. The gospel really has brought them together!!!! We then asked her if she wanted to change her life like her daughter was doing. She accepted the invitation to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized on Christmas Eve! The Spirit was so strong and  I felt Heavenly Father's love for us, and especially for our families!!!! 

Now I’m going to share 3 things about the Mexican culture that I realized/learned this week.

  1. Everyone wears Crocs!  Alyse and Maren would love it.  Haha like even adults wear them.
  2. No one is ever barefoot.  Everyone uses crocs or flip flops when they’re in their house.  Even little kids.
  3. Whispering isn’t a thing.  Doesn’t matter the situation, haha it’s normal voice all the time! 

I’m happy to be a missionary!  I’m so tired and so stressed and so hungry all the time but somehow I’m content with that.  The mission is hard sometimes, but usually it’s just really great!

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Hermana Keeler


 An elder moving on to his "next mission".

 Eating tamales on the bus!!!

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