Opposition in all things, even delicious food

Buenas!  So, this week was really GREAT!  First off, Argi was baptized!  She’s so cute and has such a strong testimony.  She shared her “story” with everyone and it was so powerful!  She talked about how she wasn’t raised in a religious home and didn’t really have a relationship with God.  But she really has grown so much spiritually!  It’s been so cool to see her process.  She’s the first investigator that I’ve been with for the whole process!  It’s been such a privilege to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in her life!

Like I always say, this week was full of ups and downs.  We were stressed out of our minds a few times.  I almost cried out of frustration like 6 times, and I also shed 2 tears of happiness :) once during Argi’s testimony and again during the Primary Program this Sunday. ( I really have grown to love little kids in the mission)  But anyway, the best weeks are always the most stressful.  Opposition in all things right? (see 2 Nephi 2:11).

Speaking of oppostion, so the food here has really been against us for the last little while.  But not because it’s making us sick.  Because it’s making us fat.  I’ve gotten used to eating everything with habanero chiles, lime and tortillas.  I love all the food now.  And the people love to feed us!  On Sunday we had three meal appointments.  First we each ate 3 conchita tacos (a delicious meat that everyone in the world must try), then we ate sloppy joes (it’s a long story), spaghetti and lime pie, and then we had mole with chicken.  I was so full I felt like I was going to throw up haha!  I lost a ton of weight in my training but now I feel like I’ve gained it all back :(  WHY MUST THE FOOD BE SO DELICIOUS!?!?  You would think that walking all day in sun would balance it all out, but it doesn’t NI MODOS!

Something that I’ve really come to realize in the last few weeks is that everyone is entitled to exercise their own agency.  We can’t obligate anyone to do anything.  People need to learn to act for themselves.  If we compel them to do things, they are never going to learn or progress.  Even though sometimes we wish we could make our investigators understand, force them to church and keep them hostage there, we can’t because that’s illegal.  No, I’m joking but really sometimes I just want so badly for people to follow trough on their word and keep their commitments like to read or to pray or to go to Church.  So that they can see for themselves the truthfulness of the Gospel.  BUT, God gave us agency and we have to respect that!   Article of Faith 11 clearly states that we have the privilege to worship God how we want and allow others that same privilege!  He trusts us to make our own decisions according to the knowledge that we have .  We as missionaries bring this knowledge to the people, invite them to act, and then let them exercise their free agency.  Exercise your agency today by reading Alma 26 (my fave chapter in the Book of Mormon) or checking out all the cool Christmas videos on www.Mormon.org   I love you all!

Hermana Keeler

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