The end of the "Dynamic Duo" and becoming a "Mom"


SO I'm going to explain a little bit about changes. We have changes every 6 weeks. The last day of the transfer, Sunday, our leaders tell us our changes. We literally have no idea if we stay or if we go until 10 Sunday night. And then we have to be in the offices in the morning! SO last night we were waiting for the call and it never came. SO we called our leaders and they hung up on us like a bazillion times. We were so frustrated because we wanted to know if we needed to pack our stuff or not. We may or may not have hit the walls in frustrated anticipation (I realized that cinder blocks are really hard haha) But waaaay too late we finally recieved the news that Hermana Tenorio was going AGAIN to Ticul! Her 3rd change in a chan pueblito. 

We were very sad to hear that the dynamic duo would be seperated. I love Hermana Tenorio!  She taught me so much. She got baptized just two years ago, but literally knows everything about the gospel. She has the book of St Matthew practically memorized and can directly quote like every chapter. She truly is a scriptorian. She taught me the power of the scriptures and their role in conversion! But I think the most important lesson she taught me is that of gratitude. She always saw the blessings that we recieved, even when I didn't see any. She gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for things that I would not have ever thought to thank!   I give thanks to my God that I had the opportunity to be with her for 4 months. 

But I'm training this change. That means that I'm going to be with a greenie, fresh out of the MTC, and that I'm going to show her the ropes of the mission!!! AHHHH...NOW IM A MOM.. I feel like I literally don't know anything. I feel like I just got here yesterday. I feel like I still don't know Spanish. I feel like everyone knows more than me. 

But I've learned something here in the mission.  It doesn't matter what I think I can or can't do, it matters what He thinks that I can do! And he's called me to "raise" one of his cherished daughters! I'm grateful for this opportunity to help Hermana Sanchez learn to be a missionay. I hope that I can teach her what that really means!  

I read a talk in the Liahona magazine this week about imperfections. God gave us imperfections so that he can work with us. Without our faults there is no progression. 

I love this scripture in the Old Testament Isaiah 64:8
But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand. 

I can testify that we truly are all the work of His hand. But the thing is that we are all unfinished. Maybe we're a little lumpy and need a bit of smoothing. With the master's help, we can become his work of art. 

Let God create you into what HE wants you to be! 
I love you all!!!!!! 

Hermana Keeler

  Some favorite pictures of the "Dynamic Duo"

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