Feeling rejected by the whole world...except the Archeologist

Buenas!  This week was way hard.  We felt like the whole world rejected us.  Two of our investigators’ moms told us not to come back.  It was very sad.  Various other investigators told us that they’re not really interested anymore.  It was actually quite depressing.  Many times we found ourselves walking through empty streets with locked doors thinking, “Now what?”  It felt pretty awful.  At one point, my companion threw her hands up to the sky in frustration and asked “What do we need to learn, Father?”

We’ve felt a bit frustrated for the last three weeks.  Rejection is tiring and frankly, has gotten old.  But we keep telling ourselves that none of our efforts are in vain.  Who knows what will come of all the seeds we’ve planted here in Siglo XXI.  

This week we started teaching English to a woman that works at one of the Mayan ruins as an archeologist (way cool right??).  Apparently she and her husband saw me (better said - saw my whiteness) and asked their neighbor, who is member of the Church, if I could help her learn English.  We’ve been to her house a few times.  She’s really sweet and her family is super nice.  Her mom cooked us breakfast once (fried fish, whole - with the head and fins and everything - but it was actually so delicious) and then invited us to stay at her house all day.  We had to decline the offer, but it was a nice thought :)

It feels good to help someone without wanting anything in return.  This family hasn’t shown much interest in the gospel - but we hope that we can start to share a little bit more with them.  And as representatives of Jesus Christ, we can never pass up an opportunity to serve our fellow men.

Other service story... Two days after we met the archeologist and her husband, we were walking in the street when we saw two women carrying groceries.  We offered to help carry them and they politely declined.  We said goodbye and kept on walking.   We walked about 10 meters (I use the metric system now! :) and the woman called out to us “chicas!” and motioned for us to go back.  We thought, “Ummm, ok? Do they need help now?”  We turned back and they invited us to have dinner with them the next night!  Literally without knowing our names or anything!  We didn’t even carry their groceries!  Legit we just offered!  We started talking and found out they are both the sisters of the archeologist we are teaching English!  They live a street away from her!  We know that coincidences don’t exist and that we’ve met this family for a reason!  We’re going to see what happens.

There are always little miracles during the hard times!  I’ve gotten a bit better at recognizing the little details here in the mission.  Our Heavenly Father really is everywhere.  And His love is INFINITE!  IF we look for the hand of the Lord in our lives we’ll recognize Him more.  Our faith will grow and our love for Him will increase exponentially.  We’ll be happier too.  I can testify that this is true because I have experienced it.  Look for the Lord in all the details of your life and you’ll be surprised at what you can find :)

I love you all!!!!!

Love, Lindsay ... oops Hermana Keeler (this is how she actually signed her letter) 

This is their cat Peter named after their favorite apostle. 

 Fancy restaurants on Pday - not bad!!

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