Food Safety and Fun in Campeche

Buenas!  Well this week I wanted to talk a little bit about life in general.  There are lots of things that are waaaaay different - but I’m going to explain just a few of them.

We take the bus everywhere.  Sometimes we take 6 buses in one day.  It’s like second nature to me now.  Hand the driver my 7 pesos and make my way to an empty seat.  At first I scrambled to look for change in my bag as I clutched onto anything that I could grab, so that I wouldn’t fall.  At first it scared me when the drivers drove crazy fast, now I’m ticked when they don’t.

Anyway, lots of people get on the bus and ask for money.  Sometimes they sing or play an instrument.  Sometimes they preach la palabra de Dios.  And sometimes they just straight up ask.  But usually they dress up as clowns and tell jokes!  Some of them are actually really funny!  I really don’t understand sometimes because they all talk in this really weird, high and super Yucatecan accent.  I always feel bad when I don’t give them money (we can’t use the money the Church give us for street performers or beggars, etc.)  But it’s super easy for me to use the excuse that I didn’t understand a word because my Spanish isn’t all that great :)

I realized the other day that I haven’t seen another gringa from the US for 6 whole weeks!  The only gringos I have seen are other Elders or European tourists.  Only French and German people come here for some reason?

Anyway, I’ve learned here that we are like way cautious with all of food in the US.  Here nothing is refrigerated haha.  Who knew eggs don’t need to be in the fridge?  I didn’t.  Also, apparently meat doesn’t need to be either, though I’m still a little skeptical about that.  Everyone buys their meat at little shops or stands.  The animals are usually just hanging on hooks.  The other day I legit just saw 1/4 of a pig.  It was sad :(  Shelbs would have cried.

I still haven’t gotten sick from the meat though... so there must be something that I don’t know???  About a week ago my comp left some yogurt outside the fridge all night, then put it in the fridge in the morning.  When we came home that night, she went to eat it, I told her, “that was out all night!” and she replied, “But it’s been in the refrigerator all day.” She didn’t get sick.  I’m starting to doubt all of the things I thought I knew.

Okay, well that’s the “life” part of this letter.  Things are going well here in Siglo!  Hermana Tenorio and I are going to be together for another cambio :)  I’m way excited.  She’s fun and our area is great!

She didn’t get a chance to finish her letter so she sent me what she wrote about Thanksgiving in her journal...  We will try to not be offended that she didn’t miss us at all haha!  

Well, today is THANKSGIVING!  And to be honest, it was probably the best that I’ve ever had!   I honestly was not sad that I wasn’t with my family.  Everything is so different here (and it’s still so hot) that it didn’t even feel like I was missing out on anything.

Today we had weekly planning and Hma Tenoria laughed at me so hard she spit her water on my face and all of the records.. It was way funny.  I really love her. 

Later, we went to eat with Gustavo and Sara.  They really are an odd couple but they sure are funny.  We ate mole.  I actually wasn’t even sad that I didn’t even eat turkey.

That night we had a correlation meeting in the Church.  It’s always a fun time with everyone, so I was excited.  But I was way excited because Elder Bejar called me and told me he had my package!  They brought it to me in the Church!  I was way happy.  Sister Bejar sent my mom pics and a video of me, so I’m sure that mom loved that.

I went home that night feeling very grateful!  This was probably the most meaningful Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.  Even though I didn’t spend it with my family, I’ve never been so grateful for them!  There’s lots of gratefulness going on here!

Hermana Keeler

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