A pet sheep and some pibi pollo

Buenas!  This week legit flew by... time is passing faster now.  The first 3 months felt like an eternity.  But now a month feels like a week!  I feel like we change months every other week.  Time in the mission is so weird.  The days are like weeks and the weeks are like days.

This week was AWESOME because our investigator Jenny got baptized!  It was so great!  She’s 23 and has two little kids that are so cute.  Jenny contacted the Elders when she saw them on the bus.  She asked them if they could visit her haha!  The elders started teaching her and then we got to Siglo and we took over.  It’s been way cool to see her accept the gospel.  She’s legit gold.  She understands everything perfectly.  Her conversion is the most powerful that I have ever seen!  She was so prepared to receive the gospel.  She bore her testimony today in church and it was way powerful.  I’ve been so blessed to be able to see a little bit of her progression and help her on her journey.

Siglo XXI is a field that is white and already to harvest (if you don’t understand what that means, search D&C 4 in lds.org)  But lots of people are willing to learn more!!!  Campeche is way cool.

I haven’t made a list in a while, so I’m going to make a list of some pros and cons of Campeche.  I’m going to start with the good...

  1.   It’s not nearly as hot as Merida.
  2.   There are way less people in the streets.
  3.   The ward is HUGE!   
  4.   I understand the Spanish here.
  5.   I’m literally the only gringa missionary in the whole state!  What a privledge.
  6.   The people here are way chill/relaxed.
  7.   There are these delicious juices (the brand is Avia and the bottle is super cute) in     every lIttle store.  

  1. It’s way colder in the morning so the water in the shower is ICE.  It’s legit the worst part of the day.
  2. Campechan directions are worse than Yucatecan directons.  We’ve gotten lost I don’t know how many times.
  3. Almost no one speaks Maya :(
  4. Mototaxis and triciclos are almost non existent.  We only have 3 options for transportation:  bus, taxi or walking.
  5. We’re isolated from the rest of the mission.  When we have meetings with President he comes to us - we don’t go to Merida.
  6. There’s not cool graffitti to take pictures in front of :(
  7. I can’t think of another but I had to put 7 to keep the peace in my perfectionist brain.

Okay, I was really looking forward to Dia de los Muertos because I heard that people do lots of weird traditions with their ancestors and dress up and stuff but I didn’t  really see any of that.  The school kids got 3 days off!  Really people just hung out at home and ate this dish called pibi pollo.  The whole world talked about pibi pollo so I was expecting a lot.  In essence, it’s a giant tamale.  It can be made in different ways.  The traditional way is circular  It’s like a tamale but in the shape of a donut...and it’s the size of a cake.  You eat it with your hands.  The meat inside has bones so it’s best eaten with hands.  The other way that I ate it was like lasagna kind of - cooked in a dish layered with masa and wrapped in banana leaves.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

So something funny happened this week.  We were walking at night and I saw a really ugly dog tied up in front of a house.   Upon second glance, I realized it was a sheep.  I was very interested so I asked the owner (who was outside) if it was his pet.  He said his dad gave it to him.  I pet it and everything.  We talked about the sheep for a little bit and then I slyly shifted the topic to the gospel and we have an appointment with his family this week!

So this week I learned a lot about how the Bible and the Book of Mormon compliment each other.  The Bible explains what happened in Jerusalem.  The Book of Mormon explains why all of that is important and how we can apply it to our lives.  It’s way cool.  You can read them side by side and understand better than if you were only reading one of the two.  Study the two books together!  You’ll learn a lot.

Read the Book of Mormon and have a great week.  ‘Til next Monday!


Hermana Keeler

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