Feeling like a Mom and Ron Weasley

Buenas!  Well this week was really great and also really sad.  It was sad because we had to stop teaching the family that came to church twice.  The husband didn’t want to continue investigating the church, but the wife did.  And that created problems in the family.  Hermana Mariana wanted us to keep visiting just her but we had to tell her no.  It was really sad.  We all cried.  It’s just not the right time.  She wants so badly to get baptized.  I know it will happen in the future!

But we have some really awesome investigators that are progressing!  This place is full of puros escogidos.  No puedo expresar cuan blanco es este campo.  

Bueno, I want to tell you all a little bit about my companion.  She’s way funny and knows a ton about the Gospel even though she has only been a member for 2 1/2 years.  I’ve learned a lot from her.

Every night after we plan she lays on the floor and usually falls asleep (she sleeps with her eyes slightly open it is really creepy).  So every night I tell her to brush her teeth and put on her pajamas and stuff haha.  Sometimes I feel like her mom!  Haha!  She’s always super confused when she’s tired, so I have to like tell her to do things step by step, it’s hilarious.  And when we pray at night sometimes she falls asleep on her knees haha.  Also, in her personal prayer she’ll just say random words out loud, but then the rest in her head.   She’s way fun.

This week we were talking about the typical dances of her country and she showed me one of them and its was way cool.  She asked me about the typical dances in the US and at first all I could think of was mosh pitting haha.  But them I remembered that we do have a dance this is unique to the US....Square Dancing!   So I attempted to explain it to her and taught her dosedo and aleman left and swing your partner round and round. (I’ve never actually written the words dosedo and aleman left, so I have no idea how they’re spelled haha).  She was a little confused but thought it was cool.  Yay for culture!

So we came home last night and found two HUGE spiders in our house.  We smashed them with the broom and to our horror a million tiny spiders started running out of the big spiders and it was AWFUL!  I felt like Ron Weasley.

Well!  That’s about if for this week.  I love you all!  

Hermana Keeler

I was feeling badly for Lindsay on Thanksgiving, worried that she was sad and missing home.  We went to temple square that night and I actually started crying while we were talking to the sister missionaries!  Just a few minutes later, I received this picture and a video of her from the Bejars.  They are a family from our stake who were in Merida visiting with their son who just returned from the mission!  They delivered her Christmas package in person and were able to bring some love from home.  So thankful for the tender mercies from the Lord that have helped all of us through this experience!  

From their pirate adventures last Pday.

Paying homage to their ward mission leader!!

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