Exact Obedience and the Worst Thing I've Eaten

Buenas!  This week was really great and also really, really hard.  Hermana Cervantes and I came to a realization this week.   Last week we weren’t EXACTLY obedient with the schedule.  We did everything like 15 minutes late and though that doesn’t seem like all that big of a deal, it was!  So we started to make little changes throughout the week and we saw blessings IMMEDIATELY.  We found 5 new people to teach this week.  We had a lot of really powerful lessons!  There was such a difference in how we felt this week compared to last.

I’m still getting used to this whole being in the city thing.  I hear popular music all the time.  I’ve heard “Rather Be” like 10 times this week.  And I saw a KFC.  We didn’t go.  There’s a Walmart here, but apparently its far away :(  I actually really want to go.  We had our nails done!  I sat in a folding chair and put my hands on an old ironing board with a towel on it!  They look pretty good though.

The food here is usually way better than pueblo food.  But this week I ate something soooooo gross I almost couldn’t handle it.  But I was strong and finished it.  Let me remind you that I ate armadillo in Oxkutzcab.  And beans chock full of lard (literally the beans were striped like a zebra).  But to be honest this was the worst thing I’ve eaten.  It looked like spaghetti, but it was actually just noodles soaked in lukewarm ketchup with cut up ham.  I really don’t like ketchup- and it tastes 500,000,000 times worse when it’s slightly warm.  So that was pretty rough for me.

Bucket showers are the way to go.  I was super scared before the mission that I wouldn’t have a shower, but it’s actually better to use a bucket and bowl.  Why?  Let me tell you.  Even though it’s over 100 degrees here like everyday the water is always SO COLD!  Its the worst BUT bucket showers allow me to heat the water with this thing you plug into the wall and stick in the water.  It runs a current into the water so if you touch it, it will shock you.  I’m a little dumb and learned that the hard way.  Anyway, I learned my lesson and I enjoy warm showers from a bucket.

So something we do in every lesson is start by singing a hymn.  But most of the people we teach don’t know the hymns and so they try to follow along.  But if you’ve ever tried to sing a song you don’t know, you would know that it’s really hard.  Usually the people just sing really quiet and it’s fine.  But I don’t know what it is about Vergel in particular but the people here sing REALLY LOUD even though they don’t know the song.  A couple times I’ve wanted to laugh... but i’ve held it in!  Just because I’m a missionary doesn’t mean I’m perfect, but I’m working on it!

Overall, things are pretty good here.  I really don’t speak English ever.  So my English is starting to suck and my Spanish still sucks.  So I just can’t really speak very well in general, haha!  But my Spanish has improved a lot since I got here!

WORK HARD.  PRAY HARD.  BE OBEDIENT.  I learned this week if you do these things our Heavenly Father can magnify our capacities and abilities.  Put in a lot of effort and ask for Heaven’s help and see what Heavenly Father can make out of you!

Love you all!
Hermana Keeler

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