Living La Vida Loca - Welcome to Lindsay's new life!

Lindsay didn't send an email today since we were able to talk to her yesterday for Mother's Day.  So she sent lots of pictures and asked me to write some commentary.  We loved talking to her!  She kept us laughing the whole time as she was describing her new home for the next few weeks or months.  

She is living in Oxkutzcab, Mexico.  It is a relatively small pueblo about 2 hours outside of Merida.  As you can see in the pictures the people are very poor and live in pretty rough conditions.  She kept saying,  "I never, ever expected this".  But in true Lindsay form, she is positive and finding the adventure in her new life.   People just stare at her everywhere she goes and the kids make fun of her because she can't speak Spanish.  Apparently not many Americans get to Oxkutzcab!  

Many people speak Spanish mixed with Mayan so she will be learning two languages!  She was really excited about that.  Her companion is Hermana Romero from Mexico City and she seems to love her already!  So happy for that!   They have taught lots of lessons and she has already invited one person to be baptized and he said yes!  Not bad for the first week!  

But the mission always has its ups and downs and unfortunately one of their investigators died the day after Lindsay met him.  So one of her first experiences was a funeral and burial, which was pretty upsetting to her.  She asked us to pray for her safety and when I asked if there was a specific reason,  she said "What does it matter?  You can't do anything about it, besides the Holy Ghost is the best bodyguard there is." So we wouldn't mind a few extra prayers on her behalf!   But she is excited and ready to share the Gospel with these sweet, humble people.  

Oxkutzcab her new home! 

Tigre is one of the first people she met.  She says he usually wears a tiger shirt and she spent a bit of time trying to describe his eyebrows.  But he is a recent convert who loves them 
                                     and gives them rides wherever they want to go!  

She loves the kids in this family.  Their family life is really heartbreaking. 

But they went to Church with them on Sunday.  

Apparently they have lots of pets.  She said they just kept bringing out 
animal after animal to show them!  When she told us they had a pet crocodile we just died and really couldn't believe her - but here's the proof!  Are you kidding me?

Home Sweet Home!  Las Cucarachas and all!  She loves the colorful walls! 

She actually loves her hammock!  She has to sleep in it sideways
 and she says it's kind of hard to get into.  

I don't think this is her house, she probably just liked the color of the door.
But she said lots of the houses look like this. 

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