Large Fruit and Small Swords

IT IS SO HOT HERE. Pretty much from 10 AM to 5PM is like a sauna. I'm constantly covered in sweat. We have lunch with members and the other day we went to this hermana's house 15 minutes away. It was already hot and she served us hot soup... outside... next to a fire where she was cooking tortillas... and they were the best tortillas ever but also boiling lava hot. THE HOTTEST LUNCH THIS WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. I was dripping sweat hahaha.

So in the branch we are not only the full time missionaries but also seminary teachers, the activities committee, and we taught relief society and primary. hahah. Usually it isn't like that, everyone just asked us to do everything this week. But really it’s just Hermana Romero teaching- haha I just sit there because I don't know Spanish well enough yet. 

We had a mothers day activity and made that sign.. madre te amo!! 

So an investigator gave us lots of plants and fruit. The green fruit in the picture is a jaka. It is the weirdest thing ever but it actually tastes really really good. It is like pineapple and mango kind of? We only had a tiny knife so we asked Tigre (their friend who drives them around in the pedicab) if we could borrow his to cut it... and he gave us a small sword hahahh. I mean we should've seen it coming... its Tigre. It was hilarious. 

It's been hard to get used to the way of life here. Not even the conditions, I don't really care about all of that that much, but the lack of scheduling and time keeping is driving me insane. I like to GET CRAP DONE. And this is not a get crap done kind of place. The people are super chill and just do whatever they want, whenever they want. They chill in their hammocks like all the time. Seriously like all day.  And people are like I don't have time to go to church. One thing that I have learned is that there is always time for what God wants you to do. Then when you're done you can go lay in your hammock. 

So one weird thing here is that you don't knock on doors. Everyone has gates so you just stand outside and yell Buenas Tardes or whatever time of day it is until they come outside. That definitely wouldn't fly in America!! 

Also, the verb gustar (usually to like) can be used to mean to watch tv. So when someone says ella esta gustando that means she is watching tv. 

I taught the message of the restoration this week and I learned again how important it is! This church is unique because we have the proper authority of God! So go out and tell someone that God has called a prophet once again to the earth, and his name is Thomas S Monson! 

I love you all! 
Hermana Keeler    

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