Dogs in Tutus and a New Companion!

Soooo!  I’m writing from Merida because I got changed!  I left my dear Campeche :(  I really do miss it and all the people.  I feel like Esperanza is my home ward.   Campeche really is the promised land - and I forgot how spoiled I was there!  I would like to go back before I finish - but I doubt that’s gonna happen.  I feel like   I’m going to die here (mission lingo for end the mission).  But who knows a lot can happen in 3 changes!

I’m in Aeropuerto,  Our area is HUGE and is the city - city.  It’s way different from any area I’ve ever had.  It seems way cool though,  It’s so different from Siglo XX! where I really knew who lived in every house and had contacted a ton of them.  Here it is so big it would take like 3 hours to cross it walking.  It’s insane!  I hope I learn it fast because I’m just a little lost right now.

Today was a great day.  We said good bye to all the Hermanas that were going home at 5:30 am (they - all 6 of them) stayed in our house with us for two nights.  And that was a little sad!  Hermana Romero (her trainer), Hermana Cervantes (her 2nd companion) and Hermana Covarrubias!  Three of the sisters that I’ve been with forever!  It’s weird that I’m mother-less now. 

We went to a leadership meeting.  It was way cool to be there with all the important people haha!  It was so fun, I got to see Hermana Tenorio again! 

We went to visit a hermana whose brother is in the mission.  She’s been reading the Book of Mormon and is progressing!  We’re supposed to have a lesson with her and her family in the temple this Saturday!  #perksofbeinginYucatan.

Later, we were walking to eat lunch and a man came out of his house and yelled “sisters!” but in English.  At first we were a little skeptical to turn back but we did.  We went inside his house which is also an ice cream shop!   And it was covered with English flags and stuff.  Turns out her lived in England and Canada for a super long time and knows English really well.  He has a Mexican accent but also a slightly British accent with certain words.  It’s really funny!  We started talking to him and found out that he found the Church a long time ago in England and was going regularly for a long time too.  He came back to Mexico because his family had problems - he hasn’t seen his wife or kids for a long time.  He felt like he didn’t know what he was doing here, because they live in England.  But he knew he had to come to Mexico for something.  He literally told us that he wanted to get baptized and that he wants us to do it at the end of July.  He did everything for us: contacted us, asked us to come in, extended his own invitation for us to baptize him, and set a date.  It was way cool!  We have another appointment with him later this week.  It should be good!

The people are really prepared here.  We had a lesson with a new investigator media viejita that’s way cute!  She read the pamphlet and remembered everything.  We sang the hymn “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” (written by my great-great-grandfather!) and she stopped us every once in a while so she could understand what we were saying.  It was so cute.  Also at the end of the lesson she said the prayer and actually like prayed to us haha!  That’s never happened before.  But we thanked her for her nice prayer and lovingly corrected her after she finished!

Life is good!

Hermana Keeler

Her new companion is Hermana Espinoza.  They were friends in Campeche!

 Reunited with Hermana Tenorio!  

And of course she meets all the animals in town!  Love the tutu! 

Super fun Pday playing Ultimate Frisbee 

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