Near death experiences and baby animals


We got chased by dogs and it was literally so scary. We were just walking calmly to go back home for the day and suddenly 4 dogs ran up to us and were barking and growling like crazy! I legit thought that I was going to be bitten,  but we just booked it and started running.  But I was thinking oh my gosh I'm the world's worst runner they're going to catch me!  We crossed the steet and THEY FOLLOWED US and we crossed another street and then they finally stopped running but I was so scared.   I thought I was going to get my leg ripped off. 

But I'm alive!!!!!! 

We have PTSD now everytime my comp sees a dog she hides behind me hahah. 

Also I FELL. It was so embarrasing I was going up the stairs and then BAM I'm on the ground but I recovered really quickly. I was way embarrased. 

Also we had a lesson with 4 of our investigators and 2 of them were semi faded (that means drunk)  it was very frustrating. So we came back the next day when they weren't drunk and had to teach the lesson again. But pray that they will stop drinking! Literally everyone here drinks and it is sooooooo sad to see people waste all of their money on alcohol when their kids don't have anything to eat :( It ruins families! I have realized that I am sooooo  blessed to have grown up in a family with loving and responsible parents!

We are having a hard time finding families to teach! Pray that people will open their hearts and accept Christ in their lives! I know that if we have faith and talk to EVERYONE we will find the people that are ready! 

I love being a missionary! I love being a mom (in the mission)! And I love my Savior!  
Hermana Keeler

PS we saw lots of cute animals this week

Cutest Mother/Daughter in their matching dresses! 

I love that she has people who take care of her! 

Lindsay has been a life long cat lover, she must be in heaven! 

Not sure how to caption this!  

Matching hair dos with Abi

This is the corn that she was given for free from a street vendor, which made them very sick last week.  And she has promised me she won't eat free street corn again! 

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