Celebrating in Campeche


So we had changes and my companion and I are staying in the same area! It's a little bittersweet because I really wanted to train.. but I guess there's something that we need to finish together in this area. 

This week was really great. Here everyone celebrates King's Day. It's where the 3 wise men come to your house to leave gifts! Apparently it's a really big deal here! Santa Claus really doesn't leave giftsat Christmas. It's kind of sad but all the kids are more excited for King's Day than Christmas :( A King's Day tradition here is la rosca. It's like a huge bread that has little baby Jesus dolls baked inside. Sounds a little weird right? Everyone takes turns cutting a piece of the bread, and if you get a doll, you have to make tamales for everyone on February 2nd. I got a doll!
SO RANDOM RIGHT? But I love it. The bread was really good too. 

This week we had stake conference! I really liked one of the talks. Presidente Luviano (he's the husband of our mission mom so he's kind of like our mission dad) talked about hope. He compared it to a math equation and it was way cool! 

Hope = Faith (Works) + Meeknees + Humility + Charity

He said, "To have hope is a lot more than just to wait" and I LOVED THAT. A lot of the time we want something to happen and we just complain and wait and think and whine and that's so not right!!!! If we really have hope, we'll have faith, and if we really have faith, we'll act! And we need to be meek, humble, and charitable. 

We had really cool experiences teaching the Plan of Salvation. Both of these teenagers that we taught expressed to us their doubts about the purpose of this life, and what the heck is going to happen to us after we die. We asked them if they wanted the answers and they said YES PLEASE. We taught them and they really felt peace knowing that there is a plan. That God is mindful of us and that He is all powerful, all knowing, and above all infinitely loving. That He sent us a Savior to overcome sorrow, sin, and death. 

It was eye opening to see that we have the answers that people are longing for. Share the marvelous Plan of Salvation with others. It will change their life, and help strengthen your faith and testimony of the Restored Gospel. 

I love you all.

Hermana Keeler

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