Donuts and Roller Coasters

Hello family! 

This week was good. Everyday is kind of the same. We have personal study, breakfast, more personal study, language study with our teachers, some kind of spiritual learning activity, lunch, gym time for an hour, and then we have a little time to get ready and relax (like 10 minutes haha). Then we teach our investigator, have more language classes, prepare lessons for the next day, eat dinner, study Spanish on the computer, and study language more. So we are going from 6:30 until ):30 every single day. It gets kind of redundant after a while. But sometimes we change things up and study outside or have gym at a different time and that's kind of a big deal :)  On April Fool’s Day we moved all of our desks in a circle around our maestros desk.  They didn’t think it was that funny ... Mexicans don’t have April Fools Day!   We don't get to leave the CCM regularly, but today we do because we are going to the temple! I am way excited. You will get pics next week.

So we have had a sickness going around the CCM... some call it the brown plague. It got so bad that we are not allowed to touch each other at all anymore. Handshakes and hugs are forbidden. It's actually kind of hilarious. Every single person in my district has gotten it EXCEPT ME!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE ONLY STRONG ONE! Seriously my companion was like dying and then everyone else in my district was dying and then everyone in the whole CCM was dying... haha the teachers are afraid to be here! It's hilarious and sad how pathetic everyone is. Pray that I don't get sick. I don't think that it is the food... 

The food.
It is okay sometimes. But then today they served eggs with cut up hot dogs (Derek you would've loved it). And I was like okay I can't do this. So I ate cereal. They have these things that look like donuts and smell like donuts but THEY ARE NOT DONUTS. They are circular shaped gross dry pieces of bread with weird chocolate on them. So that was really dissapointing. A few days ago they brought in these huge boxes of chocolate twisty donuts from like a bakery and I was so excited because they looked like the ones at home!!! I was very dissapointed to find that they were the same gross bread with slightly better chocolate on top. 

We speak a lot of english. More than I was expecting. All of our meetings are in English. So that is kind of hard. I am in mexico but I am still surrounded by lots of white people. We are getting better at talking to latinos now though. We made friends with some Hermanas the other day.

Okay funny story for the week. So after devo the other day we walked back into our hall and there was a bird sitting on the ground. We walked up to it and it flew down the long hall toward the other doors. There were some hermanas on the other side that started freaking out because the bird was coming straight for them. It got to the end and realized that there was a door so it turned around. It came down to our side SO FAST and flew straight into the window and died. All of the hermanas screamed so loud and we didn't know what to do!  This huge elder just picked it up and threw it in the trash can lol. 

HEY SHELBY OWEN AND DAD WHY DONT YOU SEND ME A LETTER IF YOU EVER GET AROUND TO IT. The printed out letters are the best!!! It's like Christmas. Family Derek has already sent me 3 or 4 so you better get on it. I just want to know what you did that week. And please send pictures!!!!! They print them out on the letters!  I just want to know what's going on in Los Estados Unidos. Oh btw my Pday next week is Friday. 

I miss you guys but honestly, I'm too busy to be homesick. This is my life now so I'm just trying to live it here instead of back in the states.  I feel literally exactly the same, just maybe a litttle bit more responsible? and I feel more Holy but also totally inadeqaute a lot? It´s weird. But I am definitely myself. 

I had a really hard day yesterday. We had TRC yesterday for the first time. TRC is where you teach volunteers who come in from the city! They are usually native Spanish speakers so it is good practice, but they are hard to understand. Hermana Christensen and I taught this lady named Ellie. She was nice but we seriously didn't know what to say to her. We tried to talk to her about her life and get to know her but we weren't connecting like at all. It was a weird feeling. It was different from what I usually feel because it wasn't a lack of language skills it was a lack of PEOPLE skills. Which has never happened to me before. It was so frustrating. After we got out I just put my head in Hermana Christensen's lap and cried. I was very discouraged.
Later we watched a video called The Atonement and the Mission Field (mom please look it up and send it to me). It was incredible. It talked about how salvation isn't cheap, so why would our work be easy? Why would we think it would be easy if it was never easy for Him? That really struck me and gave me a lot of courage. 

This is different from work I did before. This is completely changing my life and my goals and needs and wants and giving them all to Him. 

Some people say that the mission has the highest highs and the lowest lows, but all the best roller coasters do! And it will just keep getting better (and harder).  The mission is an incredible experience.  It truly is the greatest work that we can attend to in this life!  

I love you all. 

Con amor, 
Hermana Keeler

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