Getting more than just spiritual gains!

Apparently she’s learning more than just how to be a missionary,  because she’s throwing in some weightlifting lingo that I thought were typos until Chris corrected me.   And Owen has very dry hands in case you were wondering!   

 So this week I don't have a ton to say... everyday is exactly the same.. haha. My hands are exactly like Owen's... it is so dry here. But my lips are fine bc no more weird accutane skin so that is good. Just Owen hands all day every day. 

I have been working out hard, I am quite swoll now.  We get lots of protein in the comedor ( we have two options every meal: a slab of meat or cut up meat)  so I am getting gains like crazy.  But actually I can do 30 pushups now and I actually did a pushup witha 45 lb plate on my back so I'm feeling pretty good. 

The other day a senior missionary serving at the CCM came up to me, gave me a hug, and said, "That's from your cousin Emily Burnett!" It was way sweet! I guess they met somewhere in Mexico City West! SO that was fun.

Not sure if they have them in California but try to find a kinder bueno bar…best candy ever…the rest of Mexico’s desserts are no good though, except for flan.  Missing my mama’s good cooking and the thai food dad’s wallet makes! 

I had an increíble realization. SPANISH IS EVERYWHERE.

Enrique Iglesias. 
His middle name is probably no va a, because his songs do not indicate that he goes to church. 
The things you learn at the CCM. 

Happy birthday to Hermana Sorenson and Maddi Baugh! 

Something interesting did happen this week! 
They are doing a ton of construction on the CCM so we had to change classrooms. I was actually really sad because our class is literally one third of the size of the old one and really only has brick walls a whiteboard and some desks. We did not realize how spoiled we were before! And it is further away so now we are late. 

Still learning Spanish and still learning how to be a missionary. 

Everyone go read 2 Nephi because it is GOLD. My favorite chapter is either 31 or 32... can't remember but they are both good. Go read them! The Gospel Library App is free.. the Book of Mormon will change your life! Also, if you haven't read the intro to the BOM do it because it's super cool! I had never really read it before I always just skip to 1st Nephi.


Hernana Keeler 

PS. Send me lots of email letters from now until next Friday because after that I won't be able to get any! Please make me a happy hermana! 

Lindsay’s days at the training center in Mexico City are soon coming to an end.  She will be leaving on May 2nd for Merida.  There is a service that delivers your printed email to missionaries at the CCM free of charge.   She only has access to email once a week for 40 minutes, so she loves getting these printed emails because she can read them anytime during the week and then she has a printed copy.  Also, her birthday is May 5th, she will be entering the field that week, so I am sure she would appreciate lots of birthday love as she makes that transition. 

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