Pushing a boulder and the week in Selfies

It was kind of a short letter this week but lots of pictures!  

This week was selfie week. 

Selfie in English class.

Selfie with Hermao Efrain our neighbor/secretary in the bishopric/best friend.

Selfie with the sassy Hermana Mary that washes our clothes FOR FREE! 

Selfies with viejitos.

 The really old man is Migual Ordaz. He's ninety years old. He's the one who always complains that we are sisters and not elders. It was very difficult to get him to look at the camera hahah. The other old man (the picture at the beginning) is Palomo. He's only 61 but only has one leg and is mostly blind. He used to be really sad and complained all the time, but as we've been visiting him he's been a lot  happier! We always sing hymns for him. He's super funny! I love viejitos!!!! 

We had intercambios this week. That's where we switch companions for a day. There is one companionship of sisters that is in charge of the training a bunch of other sisters. My companion went to their area and I stayed in my area. I was with Hermana Gonzalez. She is wayyyy coool. She's such a great example to me! She legit talked to everyone that we saw! We found lots of people and had a lot of success in just one day! 
After intercambios Hna Cervantes and I were PUMPED. We started working waaaaaay hard and had a great week! 

A little while ago my district leader shared a story during our district meeting. I LOVED IT. So I'm going to share it with all of you. 

There was once a man that lived alone on an island. God put him there, gave him the things he needed to live, and the man was happy. God put a huge boulder on the island. And he told the man, "Push the rock every day." And the man obeyed. And the man was happy. Everyday the man woke up and pushed the rock. One day the devil came to the man and said, "Why are you pushing this rock everyday? You're never going to move it." The man thought about it and felt sad. The next day, the man didn't push the rock. God noticed that the man hadn't done as he commanded him. God asked the man why he hadn't pushed the rock. The man replied that he was never going to move it. God answered, and said, "I never told you to move the rock, I told you to push it. Look at your arms. Look at your legs. See how strong you've become. " 

Our trials are to make us stronger!!!!! The mission is like the boulder. And I'm spiritually jacked! (okay maybe not jacked maybe just toned) I've learned and grown so much in just 6 months! These people have changed my life! I'm so grateful to be here in this mission!!!!!

Hermana Keeler

Looking at the mayonnaise selfie that she sent last week.

Selfie on the bus! 

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