On the Move and It's all about Love

So...I’m on the bus right now...going to CAMPECHE!  Yes, I’ve been transferred!  Campeche is a whole other state!  It’s close to the ocean!  Everyone says it’s beautiful and that I’m going to love it.  I am so excited!  My new companion is Hermana Tenorio.  She’s really cute!  And seems really nice.  She’s Peruvian too!   My second Peruvian!  We’re opening up a new area!  My area is called Siglo 21 (Translation: 21st Century??)  But the ward I’m serving in is called Esperanza.  There are actually two other companionships in this ward!  There are less people in Campeche, so the ward boundaries are bigger.  But everyone has told me that there is a ton of potential there!  The work in Campeche is advancing really quickly.  So, we’re stoked!

But...I’m also very sad!  I absolutely LOVED  my other area.  I was convinced that I was going to stay and that Hermana Cervantes was going to leave... She actually packed all of her things throughout the week and I didn’t pack a single thing.  So I packed while Hermana Cervantes unpacked.  She was kind of ticked haha.  I’m going to miss the people so much!  I’ve made so many friends!  The members took such good care of us!

The mission has been the most amazing experience.  I feel like I haven’t really done anything to help anyone, because so many people have done so many things to help me!  The mission has absolutely changed my life.  I am completely sure that this is what God wants me to do right now!  This is the best decision I have ever made!  Anyone that is thinking about serving a mission, DO IT!  It is so worth it! 

 It’s so hard.  It’s physically trying.  I’m legit so tired all the time.  It’s stressful.  I am very anxious and stressed.  It’s emotionally demanding.  It’s hard to get rejected all day and still be smiling.  And really it’s just one awkward moment after another.

BUT!  It’s the best.  I love it!  I have a song about a guy who leaves on his mission and talks about his journey home.  And I almost cry all the time because it’s so on point.  My favorite part of the song says, “In the most sincere prayer I’ve ever prayed, I thanked my God for each and every day”.   Not every day is miraculous.  Not every day is fun.  Not every day is even good haha.  But I am so thankful for each and every one!  The time here is so short.  It’s going by so fast now.  But I’m trying to make the most of the time I have here!

Probably my favorite lyric ever written is from the musical Les Mis.  In the very last number, Fantine sings, “To love another person is to see the face of God”.  If we really love - pure Christlike love - we come to know God.  When we love others, we love God more.  That’s probably the best thing I have learned...how to love others.

Les amos a todos ustedos con  toda mi corazon.  Espero que tengan una linda semana!  Hasta la otra semana!   (For those non spanish speakers:  I love you all with all of my heart!  I hope you have a beautiful week.  Until next week...)

Con Amor,

Hermana Keeler 

These were from Zone Conference last week.  The cool thing is that Lindsay asked Shelby to draw a design for t-shirts for their zone.  And here they are!  At least she was able to wear it one time! 

   She made lots of friends in this area that she will really miss.  I will miss them too because they kept me updated on Facebook during the week.  It was the best!

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