Hermana Slumber Party - It's like college...but not really!

Siglo XXI Week 1


So this week was by far the hardest and most stressful week of the mission.  But also THE BEST!   It was beyond hard and I’m going to explain why.  In my last letter I left you all with the beautiful image of me on a fancy bus arriving to Campeche.  When I actually arrived, It wasn’t so dreamlike.  We arrived and quickly realized that we didn’t have a house - and that we had a cell phone that didn’t work, with no charger.  Apparently the assistants didn’t realize we were opening a new area so nothing was planned when got there.  It was super stressful - especially because my companion and I had never been here before! (The house they showed them when they got there was pretty bad, only 2 lightbulbs in the whole place and it rented for the equivalent of $50/month.  Glad they stood up for themselves and said, “um, no thanks....”)

So we found a house, but it’s not ready yet, we should be able to move in this week though.  Right now we are living with some sisters in our zone.  And it’s been SO FUN!  It’s like college again!  Except we can’t go out or listen to music or stay up late, haha!  But it’s been awesome.  We sleep with our hammocks stacked like bunkbeds!  Our area is 45 minutes and 14 pesos away so we’ve been wasting lots of time and lots of money just getting there.  So that’s been rough.

BUT. Our area is ORO PURO (pure gold).  I have never been in an area with so many people who are willing to not only LISTEN, but to ACT  too!  We’re teaching this family, Familia Cu Pacheco.  They’re so great!  And they all came to church yesterday!  All 5 of them!  The mom, Mariana, was so happy that she cried!  My heart was happy.  Their family is soooo great!

We taught their family about the importance of having a home where the gospel is taught.  It was a really powerful lesson!  And I actually cried because I started thinking about my family.  And I am so grateful that I grew up in a Christ-centered home!  It is so important for children to be raised with a knowledge of our Savior’s love, His example and His sacrifice!

Campeche is so BEAUTIFUL!  I saw the ocean while near a Wal-Mart!  Both were lovely sights :)  But seriously the city is way cool.  It’s much smaller than Merida, and not nearly as hot.  I haven’t sweat nearly as much!

So, technically our area is part of the city of Campeche, but it’s far from everywhere else - it’s like a little pueblo hidden away next to a hill.  It’s super cool because it’s more of the same feel as Oxkutzcab, but just 7 pesos and 5 minutes on the bus and you’re at Burger King.  Legit.  It’s super cool.

Siglo is the promised land!!!! And we’re so lucky to be the missionaries here. I’m content!

Love, Hermana Keeler

The Hermana Slumber Party!

I wish this was a better picture, but I think it's laundry time on day! 

An excursion around the city! 

Not sure about these next two pictures.....

My guess is she is acting like some sort of animal? 

Her new companion... Hermana Tenorio!

 And of course with a cat!

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